Workstreams for Sugar®

Workstreams for Sugar® is an elegant and adept task manager that creates efficiency in Sugar. It allows users to see their assignments at first glance. Fully automated, Workstreams gives you all the information you want, right on your dashboard.

Once users fulfill an assignment, it automatically disappears from the board. Assignments can be further grouped into dashlets, and up to 10 dashlets can be shown at once. Workstreams has two different templates: a verbose approach for desktop and a condensed style for mobile.

An assignment can be based on any condition that can be made through the standard Reports module. It can also show additional information from related modules. And a task can be assigned to everyone mentioned in the Workstreams record, or just the employees who are directly involved with it.

Features & Benefits

  • Quick Installation:Completely focused on a UI experience, Workstreams is a plugin that sits right on top of your Sugar instance.
  • Task Manager: The plugin offers you a more productive workflow.
  • Mobile-Friendly: The above-mentioned dashlet gives you the ability to see rows and columns on your mobile device like never before.
  • Quickly Access Information:With Workstreams, you can set the information that’s most important to you.
  • Designed for Sugar:Workstreams is built to take full advantage of Sugar’s latest updates.
  • Support You Can Count On:Designed and maintained by Intelestream, Workstreams is backed by one of the best support teams in the SugarCRM community.

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