Top 7 Reasons to Use Gamification for CRM

Gamification and CRM

A CRM system is a fantastic way to improve efficiency and organize customer information. However, it is only as productive as its users. If your employees are not engaged in the system, everything your CRM could be is tossed by the wayside.

Gamification – incorporating game-like systems into non-game situations –  makes it possible to turn boring and tedious tasks into compelling jobs for your employees.

Gamification is used all over the business world from loyalty card programs to frequent flyer miles to social media check-ins. Not only can it help you with customer-facing business strategies, but it can also greatly advance your CRM productivity.

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Here are the Top 7 reasons you should consider gamification for CRM implementation:

1)      People love to play games

It’s such a simple thought, but it packs a powerful punch. Gamification turns mundane tasks into engaging work. Whether it’s to score a free gift card, or gain recognition, making the job more enjoyable can change behavior.

2)      Quest to be the best

Some people thrive on competition. One of the elements of gamification is a leaderboard where team members can sign in and see who is on top and who is lagging behind. The desire to be the best will drive employees to jump into the CRM platform and do everything they can to score points.

3)      Increase employee performance

CRM implementation can be a challenge for staff because they can view it as just another thing they have to do. But enticing employees onto the platform will better their participation. With better incentives to use your CRM platform, more team members will operate in the system.

4)      Better customer service

A CRM system houses customer information all in one place. It is easily accessible by your whole team via mobile device or computer.

Gamification lures employees to upload customer information by rewarding them with points and badges. The more communal details your team has on your clients, the better they can serve them.

5)      Increase sales

Gamification rewards users the more input they give. With more information upfront, your sales team can better understand where your potential customer is at and how to negotiate the sale.

6)      Track goals

With a gamification platform, you can set up varying competitions with different goals. Looking for each employee to upload five customers per week? Set up the goal and make it happen!

7)      Boost job retention

Overall, engaged employees means happy employees. When a person goes home from work feeling fulfilled, they don’t tend to look elsewhere for new opportunities.

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