Toggl for Sugar®

Stop losing track of the time you spend working on your clients’ projects. By linking Toggl to SugarCRM, you can create ultimate time efficiency. And with Intelestream’s Toggl for Sugar® integration, you can connect the time-tracking app to your Sugar instance and get a full view of the time you’ve spent working on projects.

Now you can create reports in Sugar for the time you spend on each customer, and you can track billable and non-billable time. So, you can keep all tracked data in both Toggl and Sugar.

Features & Benefits

  • Up-to-Date Time Tracking: Daily syncs are performed to update all the Toggl information in Sugar, so you’ll see revised information about time entries for all your Toggl projects.
  • Organize Time on Projects: Create dashlets to show the amount of time you’ve spent (or have remaining) on a particular project.
  • Report: Create high-level reports for your internal use or client meetings.
  • Compare: Compare billable and non-billable hours for your projects and buckets.
  • Designed for Sugar®: Toggl for Sugar is built to take full advantage of the software’s latest updates.
  • Support You Can Count On: Designed and maintained by Intelestream, Toggl for Sugar is backed by one of the best support teams in the SugarCRM community.


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Toggl for Sugar

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