CRM Strategy

Intelestream is a team of CRM veterans who have been consulting and implementing CRM solutions for nearly 2 decades. We conduct workshops, lead customer journey mapping exercises, and perform discovery sessions to help us completely understand your business including drivers and goals. As a result we advise you on the best strategy and approach for implementing a CRM solution.

Understanding CRM

We help you understand how all these areas can align together and drive business value. A CRM strategy is more than just selecting and implementing a software system. It is an holistic approach that looks at all business drivers. After a complete strategy is developed and executed you will see improvements to the bottom line, business growth, and an improved Net Promoter Score.

Customer Relationship Management means different things to different people and different organizations. We believe CRM is about relationships across your business’s ecosystem. CRM is primarily composed of 4 key areas:

Reach Relationship Nirvana

A single view of the customer that provides all critical pieces of information to all people across the organization is extremely important. From improved service, additional upsell/cross sell opportunities, to identifying possibly cancellations or competitive threats, Intelestream designs a CRM strategy that helps your business compete in the marketplace and prepares for future challenges.

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