Scorecard for Sugar®

Don’t waste precious time flipping through various reports and trying to find the information you need. Get straight to the point with Scorecard for Sugar®, a custom-coded dashboard that allows you to quickly access the data you need most.

Scorecard is a fully customizable application that’s based on your specific needs. You set the metrics; we build the framework.

Scorecard allows you to display and filter trackable data in Sugar in a very flexible, controllable manner, while still respecting the visibility and permissions of the module being displayed. Additionally, if you need to pull information from any external data sources, Scorecard for Sugar® can make that happen.

Features & Benefits

  • Automatic Filter Updating:Filters that are added to Scorecard will automatically update, with new data points taken straight from the data sets being observed.
  • Customization: Scorecard for Sugar® can be fully customized to your liking, including custom views, custom filters, and data sets.
  • Quick Filtering: Scorecard is a framework that allows you to find the quick hits that will empower you to more easily achieve your goals. If necessary, there is also an option for multiple data sets and scorecards.
  • Multiple Data Sources: Scorecard can pull in multiple data sources and intersect them to get a completely new data set that you would not be able to get using a default reporting module.
  • Designed for Sugar: Scorecard was built to take full advantage of the Sugar’s latest updates.
  • Support You Can Count On:Scorecard is maintained by Intelestream, so it’s backed by one of the best support teams in the SugarCRM community.


Download and read more about Scorecard for Sugar® solution in our data sheet.

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