Blog Series: Automation in CRM Part 2: Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation in CRM

A Total CRM platform combines both marketing and sales force automation to merge your customer and sales data to improve the utility of each piece exponentially. Read on to learn about sales force automation and check out our marketing automation blog

Sales force automation (SFA) allows you to automate certain sales functions, freeing up precious time for your sales reps and managers. Taking the leads that your marketing automation (MA) gathered, your sales team can dig into the data to find those prized opportunities. SFA makes it possible to manage a huge volume of leads, contacts, accounts, prospects and customers.


SFA also streamlines your sales team’s process because they can hop into the system and see where they left things with a prospect, logging every call, email and face-to-face conversation. For sales managers, this capability allows you to quickly see the progress of individual accounts, and to track how the sales team is spending their time.

Yet, as useful and efficient as SFA platforms are, they run into the same issue as standalone MA systems do. They only offer half of the big picture. Sales Force Automation platforms cannot show the entire customer relationship — the customer journey through the sales pipeline. However, they have limits: they only show one specific aspect of it.


Sometimes companies will have both marketing automation and sales force automation solutions, but they do not connect them. This creates extra steps for your team. The best way to put together your puzzle pieces is to merge them in a Total CRM software.

To learn about Total CRM and how combining these two important systems can work for you, check out our blog.

Sales force automation is just one piece of a Total CRM platform. Learn how it all fits together in the Total CRM white paper.


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