A Manufacturer’s Guide to CRMManufacturer's Guide

A Manufacturer’s Guide to CRM

Over the past several years, the manufacturing industry has become exceedingly future-focused. Terms and trends like Industry 4.0, IoT, B2B2C, predictive maintenance, servitization, AI and machine learning and others have monopolized the conversation in manufacturing media and industry conferences around the world.

While these topics are forming the long-term future for the industry, most manufacturing enterprises today are still seeking tangible near-term solutions to remain competitiveness and gain market-share in an increasingly digital economy.

In Intelestream and SugarCRM’s “A Manufacturer’s Guide to CRM” webinar, we will touch on some these important trends and then dive into how the modern digital manufacturing enterprise can best use readily available technology today to deliver differentiated value and an improved customer experience.

Topics covered include:

  • Industry trends that will shape the future of manufacturing
  • How manufacturers can embrace digital transformation to drive competitive advantage
  • What digital manufacturing enterprises (DMEs) can do now to improve customer experiences
  • How CRM can bring customers closer to your brand and deliver differentiated value

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