CRM: Finding the Right Solution for Your Transportation/Logistics Firm

No matter the size of your company, utilizing CRM software in the world of transportation and logistics can grant you great rewards. Every business has a unique set of problems that having a customer relationship management system can solve. But when it’s time to update how you manage your customer data, where do you turn? You know it is time to make a change, but how?

From Salesforce to Microsoft Dynamics to SugarCRM to HubSpot and beyond, there are many solutions. With so many options in the market, it’s overwhelming to choose what’s going to work best for your team and customers.

During this webinar, attendees will learn what exactly CRM software is, and some popular ways logistics/transportation companies use it in their business. We will also dive into different CRM software currently in the market and questions to ask your future provider. Learning objectives include:

  • Learn the customizable nature of CRMs
  • Identify current CRM software on the market
  • Review top factors to consider for your software
  • Delve into use cases for different sized companies and industries

About the Presenter: Jennifer Karpus-Romain serves as Director of Marketing for Intelestream. From journalism to PR to marketing, she has been around the written word for her entire professional life. Previously, she has held roles in the publishing and marketing industries, as well as managing her own content and publishing firm.


This webinar was originally recorded on Thursday, Dec. 13, 2018 through the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association – TMSA