Case Study

Ritter Communications

Founded in 1906, Ritter Communications has grown from a provider of telephone services in rural Arkansas to one of the most-respected independent communications companies in the South. The company provides advanced high-speed internet, long-distance phone, and cable television services to business and residential customers in Arkansas, Missouri, and Tennessee. Ritter also offers a variety of related IT services, including web and email hosting, custom networking, virtual services, hosted applications, and remote data back-up.

While the company has invested heavily in state-of-the-art technology for their customers, their internal customer relationship management (CRM) system was in desperate need of an upgrade. In fact, Ritter lacked a true CRM, instead relying on a piecemeal system of multiple, independent databases for their sales, marketing, and support activities. This resulted in a slow, inefficient, and difficult-to-manage platform that was both unfriendly to new users and expensive to update.

To grow their business and remain competitive, Ritter needed modern CRM solution.

Business Objectives

As a technology-driven company, Ritter’s management already had a good understanding of what their priorities should be for their new CRM. They needed a powerful platform that could:

  • Consolidate multiple data sources into a single, centralized location.
  • Streamline their existing processes, creating a CRM that was both flexible and easy to use.
  • Integrate seamlessly with the company’s other software, including Microsoft Outlook.
  • Provide built-in tools for creating proposals and user-designed forms.
  • Deliver advanced sales and marketing reports.

After reviewing several enterprise-level CRM platforms, and meeting with many potential implementation partners, Ritter decided on Chicago-based CRM consulting group Intelestream to build their new system.


The first step in Intelestream’s CRM implementation process was to meet with managers and other stakeholders at Ritter to gain a complete understanding of the organization’s workflow and business processes. After discussion, it was decided that the Intelecrm™ Enterprise Edition would offer the best solution for Ritter’s unique needs. This would provide both scalability and flexibility, while also allowing Ritter’s staff to fully manage all CRM processes within a single environment.

Once the core system was in place, Intelestream cleaned and migrated data from the company’s three existing databases, merging it into a single instance of Intelecrm. Additional customizations included new options for managing recurring revenue within the opportunities module, an essential tool for Ritter’s subscription-based revenue model.

Another important enhancement was the use of the Riva Integration Server for Microsoft Exchange. By using this approach, Ritter was able to reclaim countless staff hours from their old system by integrating the company’s server-based email system with Intelecrm’s built-in marketing tools.

As the CRM took shape, Intelestream worked closely with the system’s end users to create an intuitive and streamlined user experience. Intelestream also provided Ritter’s staff with extensive training and support, achieving 100% user adoption within just a few weeks.

Business Value Realized

After implementing their unified CRM solution, Ritter was able to quickly see meaningful results. Key improvements included:

  • Ritter’s sales and marketing teams now have a unified CRM solution, a dramatic improvement over their previous system.
  • Streamlined workflows and processes created a noticeable boost to overall efficiency, improving productivity while reducing costs.
  • Sales, marketing, and support teams can better anticipate and respond to the needs of the company’s commercial and residential customers.
  • Highly detailed custom reports allow Ritter’s management to make informed business decisions.
  • New tools provide Ritter’s sales teams with much needed insight, allowing them to easily identify potential upsells, and even discover why opportunities are won or lost.

Now equipped with a fully modern CRM, Ritter Communications was able to invest more time and resources in their sales and marketing. As their customer acquisition rates improved, so did their ROI.

“Typically, we have higher standards that most when it comes to interacting with and servicing our customers. We needed a partner in managing our relationships with potential customers. We didn’t want a ‘piece of software,’ but a solution to fit our needs. Intelestream helped us roll out our Intelecrm solution, guided us on best practices, and even made customizations when needed. Intelestream was able to save us time and money.” — Matthew Dalton, Ritter Communications Data Analyst.

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