Case Study


Even if you don’t know Production Resource Group (PRG) by name, chances are that you’ve seen their work. The company specializes in technology-driven entertainment solutions, from the dazzling light shows that accompany major live music performances to the attention-grabbing product showcases that wow trade show crowds. No matter what the need — video, audio, lighting, scenery — PRG’s services and technology are used by professional entertainment companies across the globe.

With 19 offices scattered across North America, Europe and Asia, PRG also has a unique challenge when it comes to managing their sales data. The lack of a centralized customer relationship management (CRM) system meant that data from each branch was hidden away in its own silo, making it difficult for PRG’s executives to see the big picture. Even something as simple as generating universal sales reports was nearly impossible without a CRM.

If PRG wanted benefit from their international reach, they needed to develop a CRM solution that could forecast and track sales opportunities on a worldwide scale.

Business Objectives

PRG’s unique needs meant that an off-the-shelf CRM solution simply wouldn’t be up to the task. Their CRM would need to:

  • Integrate data from multiple regional systems into one centralized database.
  • Remotely manage data their entire international sales force.
  • Aid in the development of universal sales strategies across the whole company.
  • Introduce transparent data sharing company wide.

After meeting with potential CRM solution providers, the PRG awarded the job to Intelestream, Inc., a Chicago-based CRM consulting group.


In order to gain a complete understanding of PRG’s needs, Intelestream engaged the company’s management and other stakeholders through a Business Process Workshop. This workshop outlined the many requirements and overall business objectives that needed to be accomplished during Phase 1 of the implementation.

PRG’s existing sales tools relied on multiple Oracle databases, and they needed a CRM solution that could fully integrate this sales data into a single platform. To accomplish this, Intelestream implemented a single on-demand instance of Intelecrm™ for the company’s global sales force. The application’s only requirement was that users have an active internet connection and a modern web browser. This allowed PRG’s team to access the same platform from anywhere in the world, and with no additional software.

To unify PRG’s data, Intelestream implemented a system that processed and integrated updates in a nightly batch from the company’s multiple Oracle databases. New data points related to existing records were matched, and new records were automatically created in the centralized Intelecrm application. This data could even be manually merged when spelling issues or other errors prevented automatic data migration.

Intelestream also provided user training on the new CRM, helping to ensure a high level of user adoption at each branch. The company also provided long-term technical support and development, making it easy for the CRM to quickly adapt to new demands as PRG’s business grew.

Business Value Realized

Intelestream’s integrated system brought PRG’s sales data together, allowing executives and managers to make informed strategic decisions across the whole company for the first time. PRG was also able to make extensive use of Intelestream’s iReports system, providing them with a much clearer view of the company’s overall pipeline. Now, PRG can more easily identify opportunities, resulting in more sales and increased revenue.

“The CRM project was very data intensive, and we needed a platform that could scale and give us robust reporting capabilities. With the number of users and overall data set size, Intelecrm was a perfect fit.” — Tim Wiley, PRG GM/VP

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