Case Study

HR Advantage

Founded in 1999, HR Advantage is a “hands on” outsourcing company providing human resource and support staffing for businesses in the UK. The company also employs experts in training and development, employment law, and payroll, providing practical and cost-effective solutions for virtually any HR-related issue. With outsourcing on the rise, HR Advantage’s customer base has expanded dramatically in recent years.

As the company grew, it soon became clear that its old system for managing sales and marketing processes wouldn’t be up to the job. They also needed more robust tools for managing existing customers and prospective clients. To achieve their goals, HR Advantage required a true customer relationship management (CRM) solution that could scale with their needs.

Business Objectives

HR Advantage’s unique business model required more than just a standard CRM solution. Their new CRM would need to:

  • Centralize and consolidate data sources into a single location.
  • Integrate seamlessly with the company’s email system and other key software.
  • Automate business processes and allow for easy follow-up reminders for renewals.
  • Increase visibility and collaboration on post-sales interactions.
  • Provide customized tools to support their subscription-based selling model.
  • Identify and enhance cross-sell and upsell opportunities.
  • Generate customized sales and marketing reports.

HR Advantage spent more than a year evaluating CRM software and meeting with potential implementation partners, ultimately awarding the contract to Chicago-based CRM consulting group Intelestream.


The first step in Intelestream’s CRM implementation process was to meet with HR Advantage’s management and other stakeholders to gain a complete understanding of the organization’s workflow and business processes. International work often requires local support teams, so Intelestream reached out to their UK partner, SureLogic Solutions Ltd., to ensure a smooth implementation process. After discussion, it was decided that Intelecrm™ Enterprise Edition’s feature set and functionality provided the best fit for HR Advantage’s primary use case.

The first major task was the migration of data from HR Advantage’s existing CRM. During this process, the company’s data was cleaned up and standardized, removing any outdated, incorrect, or incomplete information. Next, streamlined workflows and processes were designed to make the new system as efficient and intuitive as possible for end users. The new system was a substantial upgrade, providing far greater data security, notification options, and reporting tools.

To take full advantage of the company’s subscription-based selling model, Intelestream also set up a customized version of the CRM’s recurring opportunity functionality, allowing annual opportunities to be tracked on a monthly basis. Further optimizations included the addition of custom fields for post-sales information, such as renewal dates and new subscription categories.

The CRM deployment was performed remotely, and was delivered on time and on budget. Intelestream also provided additional training, development, and support as part of the company’s Jumpstart package.

Business Value Realized

Soon after the implementation was completed, HR Advantage began to see great results from their new CRM. Key improvements included:

  • In-depth reports on various data points such as opportunities won and lost by month, calls per month, and contracts expired. These reports help to inform the company’s long-term strategies while also enabling them make better business decisions in the moment.
  • The Contracts module provides one central location for managing subscriptions, and even creates automated tasks for follow-ups, increasing renewals and securing recurring revenue.
  • With Riva for Exchange, HR Advantage now has seamless integration between email and the CRM, saving staff time while improving transparency.
  • Enhanced tracking tools help the company identify new opportunities across their customer base for cross-sell and upsells.

HR Advantage now has a scalable, cost-effective system for improving their sales and marketing efforts, and powerful new tools for managing and tracking their existing customer relationships.

“HR Advantage implemented Intelecrm in January 2012, after an initial testing phase during the last quarter of 2011. We had some initial concerns over how the training and implementation would be handled, since we’re based in the UK and the Intelestream team are in the US. However, the team have always been available, the training sessions have more than adequately cover our needs, and the functionality of the database is allowing us to drive our business forward in a smarter way.” — Lisa Butler, Trainer at HR Advantage

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