Case Study


With healthcare facilities operating in 26 states and Puerto Rico, HealthSouth is the largest provider of inpatient rehabilitative services in the United States. The company’s extensive network connects a wide range of facilities, including rehabilitation hospitals, long-term acute care hospitals, outpatient rehabilitation satellites, and home health agencies. As HealthSouth has continued to expand, however, it has become increasingly difficult for the company to effectively manage its employee-recruiting systems.

Each facility in HealthSouth’s network had its own recruiting and hiring processes, making it difficult to share information with the home office and other locations. Each hospital also collected and managed this data in its own way, resulting in inconsistent recordkeeping and reporting. The contract management and renewal processes were also disjointed, with each facility relying on their own local databases — or even just a series of Excel spreadsheets.

Collecting and managing this hiring data was a labor-intensive, completely manual process that was slow, inefficient, and prone to human error. As a result, it was also needlessly expensive to maintain. To move the company forward, HealthSouth required an all-encompassing customer relationship management (CRM) solution that could handle every aspect of a unified recruiting and hiring process.

Business Objectives

HealthSouth needed to implement a flexible and robust recruiting system that combined best-practices practices for contact management with an efficient and consistent recruitment workflow across more than two dozen facilities. This required the introduction and implementation of a new and highly customized CRM solution designed around the company’s unique needs. The new CRM would need to:

  • Manage a wide range of recruiting and hiring data, with many distinct user roles and levels of access.
  • Track the status of job candidates throughout the entire hiring process.
  • Provide the highest possible level of security, protecting sensitive hiring data across the entire network.
  • Be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible, reducing complexity and training time for HR workers at HealthSouth’s many locations.
  • Incorporate marketing, email, and other outreach tools within the CRM.

After reviewing several enterprise-level CRM platforms, and meeting with many potential implementation partners, HealthSouth decided on Chicago-based CRM consulting group Intelestream to build their new system.


In order to gain a complete understanding of HealthSouth’s needs, Intelestream engaged the company’s management and other stakeholders through a Business Process Workshop. This workshop outlined the many requirements and overall business objectives that needed to be addressed before development began on the CRM.

To address HealthSouth’s primary concerns, Intelestream implemented a hybrid of both InteleStaffing™ and InteleSourcing™ branded products to create a customized candidate-tracking system. The solution addressed the company’s three primary use cases: Hospital Recruiting, Student Recruiting, and Corporate Recruiting.

The CRM also included a sophisticated marketing engine, providing HealthSouth with a wide range of new tools for reaching their audience. This allowed the company to engage passive candidates through email campaigns and other marketing activities.

Intelestream also implemented a powerful group security feature, ensuring exceptional data security across the CRM. This allowed sensitive hiring data to be more easily shared across HealthSouth’s network, while also dramatically reducing the risk of that data falling into the wrong hands.

In addition to creating a streamlined user experience, Intelestream also provided in-depth user training for HealthSouth’s employees. This not only increased the rate of CRM user adoption, but it also helped to protect the company’s substantial investment in the new platform. Even after the implementation was completed, Intelestream continued to refine the CRM’s user experience, and offered ongoing technical support.

Business Value Realized

After implementing their unified CRM solution, HealthSouth was able to quickly see meaningful results. Key improvements included:

  • A fully integrated system for managing the company’s entire recruiting process, increasing both efficiency and privacy while reducing costs.
  • A new marketing engine built directly into the CRM, putting HealthSouth steps ahead in their passive candidate acquisition process.
  • Using Intelestream’s iReports functionality, HealthSouth’s management now has a clearer view into key metrics, including the number of open requisitions, hire ratio, number of candidates during a given timeframe, and candidates by status requisition. Managers can now make better-informed decisions in a timely manner.

With their recruitment process now fully consistent, streamlined, and partially automated through their new CRM, HealthSouth has significantly more resources for finding and attracting the best possible talent.

“Our company needs to consistently leverage technology to keep us ahead of the competition and on top of our industry. Intelestream’s solution has boosted HealthSouth’s recruiting department, and allowed further automation and streamlining of our specific business processes. This project was smooth, and the ongoing support Intelestream provides is top notch.” — William Poynter, HealthSouth Director of Talent Acquisition

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