Case Study


Founded in 1999, Connexus is one of the most-established online marketing platforms, offering a diversified, multi-channel approach for reaching customers. The Mountain View, CA,-based company generates more than 30 billion impressions monthly, annually delivering 20 million leads and customers. Managing such a large volume of data requires serious resources, not the least of which is a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

Of course, not all CRMs fit every use case. While Connexus did have a CRM, for instance, it was never designed to handle a massive amount of data. The infrastructure was simply not capable of providing the required functionality to handle the company’s high-volume sales force automation activities. The CRM was also expensive, with its licensing fees growing steadily as more users were added. This created a situation where Connexus was getting less and less value for their CRM, even as the cost to use it increased.

Connexus was stuck with an expensive and inflexible CRM solution that was also too underpowered to keep up with company’s rapid growth. Something had to change.

Business Objectives

Connexus needed a new CRM solution capable of meeting their unique needs. In addition to managing millions of leads, the CRM also needed to provide a strong foundation for the company’s future growth. These needs included:

  • Enhanced lead and customer management tools.
  • Reduced costs, particularly for licensing and renewal fees.
  • Flexible, customizable, and easily upgraded software.
  • Improved reporting and analysis tools.
  • Automated workflows for marketing, lead generation, and other ongoing tasks.
  • Data migration and cleanup from the previous CRM.

After discussing their needs with Intelestream, Inc., a Chicago-based CRM consulting group, Connexus decided to move forward with their new CRM implementation.


The first step in Intelestream’s CRM implementation process was to meet with managers and other stakeholders at Connexus to gain a complete understanding of the organization’s workflow and business processes. It soon became clear that the company needed a solution that was both cost-effective and capable of scaling with the rapidly growing company.

Intelestream recommended their Intelecrm solution, an enhanced version of the open-source SugarCRM Community Edition™ application. This non-licensed, no-cost version of the popular CRM software was able to be inexpensively modified and customized. For a company with a growing user base, this represented a substantial savings in fees when compared to an enterprise CRM solution.

With the implementation roadmap and design structure complete, Intelestream then began the process of deploying the new CRM. Within weeks, Connexus had their powerful new CRM up and running.

Business Value Realized

It didn’t take long for Connexus to see real results from their new CRM. Key improvements included:

  • Reduced licensing fees and fractional implementation costs resulted in a complete ROI in just 6 months. Connexus saved more than $40,000 per year on subscription fees alone.
  • Intelecrm provided the company with new levels of CRM functionality, allowing them to create streamlined workflows.
  • The customized CRM also allowed Connexus to automate their marketing campaigns and manage daily tasks without on boarding new personnel. This resulted in a clear increase in lead generation while also shortening their sales cycles.
  • Enhanced lead demographics produced better prospect targeting for their display advertising and co-registration solutions.

Connexus was now free to expand their operation without worrying about the costs of adding new users. Even better, they had new tools to power their sales and marketing. This is what a CRM success story looks like.

“Making the transition to Intelecrm was a major initiative, and we had a tight timeline to get everything moved over. Working with Intelestream made the project palatable, and I’m not certain how we could have done the project without them. They continue to be a strategic partner for us.” — Connexus Director of Operations

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