Case Study

Buy Owner

Long before the rise of the internet, Buy Owner was using technology to directly connect the buyers and sellers of real estate, no realtors required. Founded in 1984, Buy Owner has a good claim to being the “original for sale by owner company.” As the World Wide Web became an essential resource for finding and selling homes, land, and other property, the company quickly adapted to the times. Years before most real estate companies even had websites, Buy Owner was providing essential property details, magazine-quality images, and even offering virtual tours.

Being an early adopter of technology can come with its own problems, however. By the mid-2000s, Buy Owner’s sales technology was beginning to show its age. Each of the company’s regional offices had developed their own separate customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and these were unable to be easily share data with the home office or other regional branches. As the information in these systems became increasingly siloed, managers and executives began to have trouble seeing the “big picture” trends in the for-sale-by-owner market.

Creating effective national and regional sales strategies was becoming a serious challenge for the company. To fix the problem, Buy Owner needed to create a unified CRM solution for their entire business.

Business Objectives

Given the nature of their business model, Buy Owner wanted a CRM that could address their unique needs. These included:

  • Enabling the corporate headquarters to more effectively manage regional sales offices.
  • Centralization of CRM data from the company’s various branches across the country.
  • Tools for improving sales workflows, minimizing extra steps for entering and retrieving data.
  • Reporting and analysis tools for enhancing sales strategies throughout the entire company.

After meeting with potential CRM solution providers, the Buy Owner awarded the job to Intelestream, Inc., a Chicago-based CRM consulting group.


During Buy Owner’s initial meetings with Intelestream, they made their priorities clear: They needed a CRM solution that could integrate their sales force, providing a more uniform business process. While there were many CRM software options on the table, the company ultimately decided that Intelecrm™ provided the best balance of value and features for their needs.

Intelestream then implemented a single, on-demand instance of Intelecrm for the company’s entire nationwide sales force. The application only required users to have an active internet connection and a modern web browser, allowing users to access it from anywhere without the need for additional hardware or software.

As the CRM launch approached, Intelestream began training Buy Owner employees in the new software. Using feedback from these training sessions, Intelestream was able to further refine the user experience, reducing unnecessary clicks and creating more efficient workflows. This approach also gave staffers a sense of ownership in the final product, resulting in high rates of user adoption.

This feedback also resulted in the addition of USPS ZIP code data into the CRM, as well as Google Maps integration. A territory module was also included, helping appointment setters and sales representatives to do their jobs more efficiently. Another integration, the Intelecrm “Superfast” module, enabled the Buy Owner sales teams to access essential data more quickly.

As the CRM’s user-adoption rate grew, Buy Owner’s most pressing problems began to evaporate. The company finally had the tools it needed to make the most of its customer and sales data.

Business Value Realized

After implementing their unified CRM solution, Buy Owner was able to quickly see meaningful results. The configuration of the Intelecrm Premium Edition’s user interface gave employees an intuitive, easy-to-use application capable of helping users in multiple regional offices. The streamlined workflows and customizations also dramatically reduced the time it took for Buy Owner’s sales teams to follow up on leads and close deals.

Most importantly, Buy Owner now had the ability to report on a variety of metrics across their organization, helping the company develop all-encompassing sales strategies for generating more revenue.

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