Case Study


Founded in 1996, Aeromotive Services fills an often-overlooked need in the transportation world: remanufacturing and manufacturing wire harnesses for vehicles of all types. As their business grew, the company moved into other fields, supplying high-quality wiring solutions for the automotive, aviation, and heavy commercial industries.

After encountering shortages of older components, the company also began manufacturing connectors and other components to replace hard-to-find parts. As the company’s list of services grew, so did their need for a scalable CRM solution.

Currently, one of Aeromotive’s biggest challenges is keeping up with lead generation and prospective sales. According to Tom Carroll, Aeromotive’s CFO, the company spent years using QuickBooks as their primary sales-management tool. When the company was relatively small, it wasn’t a huge problem. But as the business grew to include new services and products, it soon became clear they’d need a better solution for managing their sales.

Another challenge was the changing nature of Aeromotive’s core business. As the company moved into the manufacturing of connectors and wire assemblies, the demand for their products rapidly grew. Originally, their sales structure was oriented around making individual deals with larger firms. But as they moved into distributing, they started getting a much higher number of inquiries.

When Aeromotive contracted with Intelestream to implement their new CRM, they were mostly looking to improve their sales results. However, they didn’t expect an overall improvement in their internal communications.

Since implementing SugarCRM, Aeromotive has increased sales by 17.2%, and they’ve significantly increased their total quotes per month. Additionally, the average time to make a quote reduced from 3-5 minutes to 1 minute after implementation.