Project Success Achieved

We help you make it through the asteroid field that is a software implementation. We provide you with expert guidance and focus on all aspects from start to finish. We believe success should be early and often in the project lifecycle, not just at the end. Whether you are implementing a new CRM, improving the customer experience, or embarking on a digital transformation, Intelestream holds your hand the whole way through.


The first step is to gain a complete understanding of your business, challenges, and goals. We lead you through a workshop which brings all stakeholders together. The result is a unified understanding of use cases, workflows, and terminology. Then we document all requirements and review your use cases. We outline workflow improvements that will streamline your business processes.


With a comprehensive understanding of your business in hand, we drill down on the requirements and gather them into a refined data model, set of development approaches, and conceptual process models. We deliver a solutions roadmap and ensure all stakeholders are in agreement.


Throughout the implementation, you are kept updated by your dedicated project manager. During this phase, we perform the development work which includes code customizations, configurations, integrations, QA, testing, and bug fixing. We conduct user acceptance testing to ensure your users are happy with the work prior to deployment.


We focus on executing final refinements and releasing the configured, customized system for use by end users. To drive high levels of adoption, we train users extensively on how to use the system. The initial period following the deployment is critical to ensuring project success. Our team actively monitors any issues or changes required and reacts quickly to them.

Post Deployment

The project is successfully deployed. To sustain success over the long run, we work together to support your team and proactively monitor usage and issues. Acting as your in-house experts, we administer your system, constantly look for ways to improve usage. We perform additional training as new users come on board and refresher training to ensure existing users are getting the most of the solution and using it efficiently.

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