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The launch of a perfectly implemented CRM isn’t the end of the journey, it’s just the beginning. As your company grows, it’s essential that you have the best support team available to keep your CRM in tune. Our Proactive Support service provides your business far more than just a few hours of tech support every month, and instead delivers an exceptional level of proactive support and development customized to match your needs.

We’re not just here to fix technical problems when they pop up. We’re here to be a true partner in your company’s CRM success story. As your business scales, we’ll help you use your CRM to find workflow improvements, refine processes, and boost efficiency. Proactive Support enables you to keep getting the best value from the system you’ve invested in.

Features & Benefits

  • Dedicated Account Manager: Personalized support and assistance from a CRM specialist.
  • Telephone and Email Support: Solve urgent issues with flexibility and convenience.
  • User Adoption Reports: Protect your CRM investment by tracking and improving adoption.
  • Improved KPI Reporting: Proactive creation of data points for advanced KPI analysis.
  • Business Process Management: Refine and streamline workflows and processes using CRM performance data.
  • Report Management: Assistance creating and managing advanced reports for specific departments, KPIs and use cases.
  • Dashboard Management: Improve efficiency and reporting with customized dashboards for specialized roles, new teams, and other needs.
  • Security and Access management: Keep your data protected against from the latest exploits, vulnerabilities, and other threats.
  • Integration Advice and Consulting: Get the most out of your CRM with continual refinements and improvements.
  • Proactive Solution and Automation Advice: Prevent CRM headaches before they happen, scale smoothly, and find the right solutions for new problems.
  • Feature coaching sessions: Our staff will help you turn your staff into an in-house team of CRM experts.
  • Dedicated Slack channel: Strategize, problem-solve, and collaborate with our team in real time.

And much, much more!


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