Blog Series: Automation in CRM Part 1: Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation in CRM

A Total CRM platform combines both sales force and marketing automation to merge your customer and sales data to improve the utility of each piece exponentially.

A customer relationship management (CRM) system gives your whole team access to customer information. When you take that one step farther, you can use that data to reach out to your customers through a variety of campaigns. Marketing automation is a fantastic way to utilize the information stored in your CRM.

A great marketing automation (MA) platform has five key functions:

  • Attract
  • Capture
  • Nurture
  • Convert
  • Expand

It needs tools to not only reach out to leads, but to gather all the information it can from them. A MA platform also needs tools to guide leads through their customer journey, no matter what channel they originated from. Most importantly, it needs to have a wide range of tools for winning business, sustaining customers, and growing interest in other products and services.

MA initiatives can take many forms, including highly-targeted email marketing to social listening, SEO audits, A/B testing and predictive analytics. No matter the avenue, the core of all these measures is to make it as easy and efficient as possible for the marketing team to find and win new customers.

Yet, there is one significant issue with MA-focused systems: They can’t see into the sales side of this process. To reap the biggest reward from your CRM, you need to be able to manage and see into the sales pipeline. Without a sales function, it is difficult to have a deep understanding of things like ROI. It also makes any customer-centric analysis virtually impossible to do.

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Marketing automation is just one piece of a Total CRM platform. Learn how it all fits together in the Total CRM white paper.

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