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For the fourth year running, PCMag named SugarCRM as best CRM Service in its annual Business Choice Awards. But why is it the best?

User Experience

According to the 2018 PCMag Business Choice Awards results, its readers gave SugarCRM:

  • 7.7 in overall satisfaction
  • 8.4 in reliability
  • 8.5 in likelihood to recommend


Affordable with No Hidden Fees

Clear pricing without the risk of hidden fees. That’s what Sugar® is all about. Above all, it offers core sales, marketing and customer-support automation at one low cost.

Flexible Platform Designed for You

SugarCRM is not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all type of software. Instead, Sugar provides an easy-to-use CRM interface that focuses on what matters to you.

Here are some features to consider:


Low user adoption is the cause of 65 percent of failures of CRM projects. So gamification incorporates a variety of game-like design concepts to create a more engaging user experience.

Splash for Sugar® provides a powerful toolkit for any company looking to incentivize great results even for the most monotonous and repetitive of tasks. Now you can challenge workers with leaderboard-driven contests and unlock badges (achievements) for completing tasks. Also, users can earn “coins” or “points” that are redeemable for real-world and virtual prizes.

Click-to-Dial Functionality

When you bring the convenience and flexibility of RingCentral’s cloud-based phone system directly into your SugarCRM workflow, you enhance productivity and provide valuable new tools for your team. Furthermore, click-to-dial functionality makes it simple to instantly call any number in your SugarCRM database. Additionally, incoming calls are automatically matched with existing records, which instantly display relevant details.

Relationship Intelligence

Hint by SugarCRM automatically searches, tunes and inputs helpful personal and corporate profile details about your prospects. Then, results appear in seconds. Most importantly, the best part is you can send the information you want into the contact record in Sugar with just a click of a button.

Business Intelligence

With Google Sheets Business Intelligence (GSBI) plugin, you can move past manually slicing and dicing data. Instead of focusing on time spent, aim your attention on crunching the numbers, thereby, bettering your long- and short-term business goals. With a setup that takes less than 20 minutes, GSBI takes your analyzing capability to the next level.

Dashboard Sharing

With Dashboard Deployer, you can easily create custom dashboards and seamlessly share them with individual users, teams, and user groups.

CRM administrators can roll out new dashboards to any user or group and update existing dashboards with new dashlets in just a few clicks. Designed from the ground up to be fully compatible with the latest version of Sugar®, so Dashboard Deployer is an essential tool for keeping users and teams on the same page.

As an Elite Partner of Sugar®, Intelestream knows the vast benefits of the SugarCRM software. Need more information? No problem. We’re here to help.


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