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When it comes to managing your customer data, few solutions are as powerful as SugarCRM. Getting SugarCRM’s data to play nice with your other reporting and analysis tools, however, is another matter. If you want to create an advanced report — a month-over-month variance view for analyzing lead volume, for example — you’d better be ready to slice-and-dice the data manually.

What if there was a better way? Good news: There is! Intelestream announces our new Google Sheets Business Intelligence (GSBI) plugin is available now!

What does the plugin help you do?

Schedule and Analyze

First of all, the GSBI plugin allows you to schedule the automatic exporting of reports from SugarCRM to Google Sheets. And at any frequency that suits your requirements. With reports in Google Sheets, users can make informed decisions with all critical information available at their fingertips. Then, observe those decisions over time with subsequent weekly and monthly reports.

Export and Analyze

Quickly and easily export existing rows-and-columns data to Google Sheets, allowing you to make custom reports and share targeted data across your organization. Also available are summation reports to analyze in Google Sheets, giving you a bird’s eye view into your most vital business intelligence data.

Customize and Analyze

Our GSBI plugin provides you with greater visibility to your KPIs, allowing you to present them in a neat and user-friendly manner. Any KPI that you require can be captured by exporting a full range of data directly from the SugarCRM database. Truly comprehensive reports can be created using custom SQL queries in Enterprise and higher versions of SugarCRM. Greater customization in your reporting means that nothing slips through the cracks.

Control and Analyze

The GSBI plugin allows you to combine and manipulate your data in new ways. This gives you a complete picture of your past, current, and future performance. You have complete and utter control over these report settings. Even more, control makes it easy to determine who in your team has access to specific data, reports, and other content.

Combine and Analyze

Google Sheets is just the start. The GSBI plugin enables you to connect your SugarCRM reports with a huge range of Google Sheets-compatible resources. Additionally, the plugin enables you to combine your data with Facebook Marketing, Google Analytics, and dozens of other business intelligence tools.

Getting up and running with the GSBI plugin couldn’t be easier! Setup takes less than 20 minutes, allowing you to quickly export of your existing reports, and dive into the creation of new custom reports in no time! Google Sheets Business Intelligence plugin is available on Sugar Exchange now, drop us a line here at Intelestream to learn more!

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