Google Sheets Business Intelligence Plugin

Once your Sugar® implementation is complete and your employees are actively engaging with the software, it’s time to step it up a notch. When it comes to managing customers, there are few solutions on the market as powerful as SugarCRM.

With Google Sheets Business Intelligence (GSBI) plugin, you can move past slicing and dicing data manually. Instead, focus on crunching the numbers, bettering your long- and short-term business goals.

Intelestream’s GSBI plugin lets you get the most from both your CRM and business intelligence. Take your analyzing capability to the next level with a setup that takes less than 20 minutes.

Features & Benefits

  • Advanced BI Reporting: The GSBI plugin allows you to schedule the automatic exporting of reports from Sugar® to Google Sheets. By having reports available in Google Sheets, you can make informed decisions with all the critical information that affects your business. Advanced BI capabilities make it easy to create custom reports and share targeted data across your organization.
  • Capture any KPI: Our GSBI plugin provides you with greater visibility to your KPIs. Present data to your team in a neat and user-friendly manner. Capture any KPI you need by exporting a full range of data directly from the SugarCRM database. Greater customization in your reporting means that nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Summation Reports: Look outside the box. GSBI’s Summation Reports give you a bird’s eye view of your most vital intelligence data. GSBI shows a complete picture of your past, current, and future performance. You have complete and utter control over these report settings, which makes it easy to determine who in your team has access to specific data, reports, and other content.
  • Google Sheets and Beyond: The GSBI plugin enables you not only to utilize Google Sheets within your software, but connects your Sugar® reports to a vast range of Google Sheets-compatible resources. Always wanted to connect your CRM data to your Facebook Marketing, Google Analytics or other business intelligence tools? Now you can.


Download and read more about Google Sheets BI Plugin for Sugar® solution in our data sheet.

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