Get Relationship Intelligence Without Doing Hours of Research

relationship intelligence

Take your customer relationship management (CRM) software a step further by adding relationship intelligence. What does this term mean?

Relationship intelligence technology generates information about a prospect; combines data from email communications, phone calls, and meetings; and creates actionable insights.

CRM systems already house customer data in one place, but relationship intelligence enables you to get details from other resources.

Technology continues to evolve, and it allows professionals to work on-the-go, from the office, at home, or even during trips around the globe. With relationship intelligence, your sales team gets a leg up on business connections. It’s a significant time saver for any sales team. Instead of spending unnecessary time doing research on a contact to learn more about them, relationship intelligence provides insight.

For instance, SugarCRM released Hint, which automatically searches, tunes, and inputs personal and corporate profile details about a prospect. All you need is a name and an email address. Additionally, you can directly enter the contact’s record into Sugar.

Here are 5 major ways relationship intelligence helps your sales and customer service teams:

Better Customer Service

There are no more awkward ice-breaker conversations. Instead, you are equipped with knowledge about clients and leads from the onset.

Increased Conversion Rates

Adding intelligence to various stages of your sales cycle gives your team a boost during lead acquisitions and closings.

Improved Productivity

By removing unnecessary research and manual data entry, your team can focus more on customer relationships.

Advanced Knowledge Transfer

Gaining insight as a sales rep or customer service agent is important, but utilizing relationship intelligence within your CRM system means you gain advanced knowledge transfers throughout your company. Now it’s not just one person taking time to build rapport. Instead, it’s quick-to-access customer information for the whole team.

Enhanced CRM User Adoption

By providing your sales team with a wealth of information from the moment they sign in, they will have more incentives for using CRM.

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