BLOG SERIES: Part 2: CRM solutions for sales representatives

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This blog series is brought to you by Intelestream and Riva CRM Integration

Your sales team hits the ground running to bring you in new business. Giving them access to all client and prospect information in one place gives them the ability to streamline processes with ease.

Whether you had a simple solution or you integrate plug-ins, a customer relationship management (CRM) system unifies your data and allows you to get the most from your CRM solution.

Both Intelestream and Riva work to build solutions that can be incorporated into your CRM platform. Get the most from your CRM system by customizing it to your needs.

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Organize data

As a sales rep, you connect with people every day. You check in with accounts, reach out to leads and check out opportunities. If you have information stored in separate places, it’s confusing and it’s easy to drop the ball.

With a CRM system, you can store all customer information, along with leads and opportunities, all in one place. You can look up a person’s name, company, email address, phone number and any other data point you want.

CRM software is highly customizable so you ensure you have the content you want.

Connect from any device

One of the most important facets of a CRM solution for a sales rep is the ability to upload information from any device. If you are in the office, you don’t want a long load time on your desktop. In the field, you don’t want a poor mobile version of your CRM software.

You need to be able easily update current accounts and add new ones.

Integrate marketing and sales

With a Total CRM platform you can bring together your marketing and sales force automation programs.

Both marketing automation (MA) and sales force automation (SFA) platforms are specialized tools within a CRM solution. While both tools offer great support for your team, they are limited in the insights they can deliver.

As standalone systems, their value is directly dependent on the company’s use case. Although you could get by with just a marketing or a sales force program, you would always be missing the essential pieces of customer data that you need to create broader insights.

Together, SFA and MA tools brings a unified view of your customer and sales data. When you integrate this data into a CRM solution, the utility of each improves exponentially. When your SFA and MA initiatives are within your current CRM software, these mature, powerful tools — such as Marketo, Pardot, Act-On, and HubSpot — expand CRM beyond its typical definition. It becomes Total CRM.

Utilize integration plugins

Bringing specialized plugins and integrations into your CRM software means you have access to the efficiency of other programs you love combined with the productivity of a CRM.

For instance, RingCentral’s cloud-based phone system directly integrates into your SugarCRM workflow, enhancing productivity while providing valuable new tools for your team. Click-to-dial functionality makes it simple to instantly call any number in your SugarCRM database. Incoming calls are automatically matched with existing records, displaying relevant details instantly.

Riva is a server-side CRM and email integration solution that helps organizations connect the dots between their CRM and email systems by seamlessly integrating Sugar – and a dozen other leading CRM systems – with Exchange, Office 365, G Suite and Gmail, IBM Notes, and GroupWise. Riva solves complex integration challenges, improves CRM adoption and sales productivity, and delivers a better customer experience.

Riva for Marketo connects the dots between Marketo, proprietary databases, and leading CRMs – including Sugar – that are not supported by Marketo. This provides your sales staff with a 360-degree view of your marketing efforts for contacts, accounts, opportunities, and immediate insights into Marketo activities related to their CRM contacts. Users will love being able to view Marketo Sales Insights in Sugar and directly in their Outlook or Office 365 email clients.

With Riva Insight, Riva’s CRM side panel for Outlook and IBM Notes, your sales representatives are literally one click away from actionable customer insights that help increase the relevance of communications and fuel sales growth and customer loyalty like never before. These insights include sentiment analysis and AI-based analytics. Your team will have these available right at their fingertips, without ever having to leave their email system.

Are you interested in learning how CRM systems help your IT department? Stay tuned! For information about sales managers, read here.  

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