Jennifer Karpus-Romain

What If We Stopped Learning Math After Addition?

moving beyond spreadsheets

The importance of moving beyond spreadsheets and email. Every child first learns addition and subtraction, only then moving on to more advanced ideas like multiplication and division. With those fundamental…

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5 Tips for Finding Your CRM Champion

How to find your CRM champion

The biggest part of a successful CRM implementation firm is getting your team to actually use it. No matter how well designed and user friendly the CRM is, it still…

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3 Ways Your CRM Keeps Your Sales Team Up-to-Date

CRM for sales team

Your sales team is an integral part of your business. Your team is out there, pounding the pavement while constantly on the lookout for prospective clients for your products or…

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Top 10 Things I Learned from SugarCon 2017

SugarCon 2017

Heading toward my first SugarCon, I was excited to attend sessions, speak to other partners, customers and Sugar’s team. Luckily, SugarCon 2017 did not disappoint and I came home with…

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Is It Time to Reboot My CRM Software?

CRM software reboot

Customer relationship management (CRM) software allows you to store all your customer data in one place, pull the sales reports you most need, and more. CRM systems are highly customizable,…

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How to Simplify 4 Business Capabilities in 1 Platform

Simply your business with CRM software

Business applications are useful because they help you do something. Whether it streamlines a process, helps store information, or increases other efficiencies, a business application’s purpose is to assist you.…

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BLOG SERIES: Part 3: CRM solutions for IT managers

CRM solutions for IT managers

This three-part blog series is brought to you by Riva and Intelestream.  Become an IT superhero The art of balancing the technology capabilities your customer-facing teams need to grow the…

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BLOG SERIES: Part 2: CRM Solutions for Sales Representatives

sales representatives

This blog series is brought to you by Intelestream and Riva CRM Integration Your sales team hits the ground running to bring you in new business. Giving them access to all…

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BLOG SERIES: Part 1: CRM Solutions for Sales Managers

Sales managers CRM solutions

This blog series is brought to you by Intelestream and Riva CRM Integration Sales managers are an integral part of your team. They need to oversee a lot of facets,…

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CRM: Managing Leads and Opportunities

Difference between leads and opportunities

We’ve all been there. You need to find a phone number or email address for a contact. You know you have the information somewhere, but you can’t remember where. Was…

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