10 Tips for Your Email Marketing Campaigns

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Outbound marketing. Inbound marketing. Email marketing. Social media. Direct Mail. Paid Search.

These marketing terms are frequently thrown around today. People claim they boost brand awareness and improve connections with prospects and current customers. But which options are actually effective? And how can you make sure your next campaign is successful?

There are benefits to trying all kinds of marketing efforts, and seeing which ones work best for your business. However, email marketing is still reported as having the highest ROI. According to a recent report, the median ROI for email marketing is 122 percent.

How do you launch an email marketing campaign that will be successful?

Here are 10 tips for email marketing:

1. Show you care.

People are currently getting blasted by email campaigns left and right. On any given day, your email will be just one among. However, you want them to both open your email, and read the content inside.

Show them you are not just blasting out content you want them to read. Instead, you care about them, so you’re giving them what they want.

2. Make a social connection.

People care about what other people are thinking and using. Consider the success of sites like Yelp. How many times have you found yourself on Facebook, asking for recommendations?

If you add statistics about how many people found success after using your product or service, you may boost recipients’ engagement with your brand.

3. Humanize your brand.

While consumers appreciate a social connection, they also appreciate a connection to you and your brand. Every email inbox has both personal correspondences and blasts from companies. If you can make your email come across more like a personal connection, it can be very effective.

4. Create a prominent call to action.

You’re sending an email for a reason: You want them to sign up for your webinar, click through your monthly newsletter, or read your blog.

Sometimes, marketers focus on the message, but forget to have a clear objective. You want your audience to take the next step, but you need to make sure you show them what that step is.

One way to have a clear call to action is to add a call-to-action button.

5. Be Mobile-Friendly.

Everywhere you go, people are checking their emails on their phones and tablets. If your email is too hard to read, they are quickly going to hit delete. Before sending out an email, test it out on a smartphone, tablet, and desktop, and make sure the design functions well on each one.

6. Conduct A/B testing.

Be proactive with your email marketing and test to see what works and what doesn’t. This will not only help you with your current marketing campaign, but it can also help shape future campaigns because you will have a better understanding of what type of language improves open rates.

Take testing a step further by sending it to different kinds of email addresses (such as Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo). Then you can see if there are any discrepancies in appearance.

7. Add attachments.

Give your recipients information for later. This material could be an extra tidbit your customers and prospects can use in their business practices.

8. Leverage your partners.

You choose your partners wisely. Why not tell your potential and current customers about them?

You can cross-market by featuring your partners’ brands and utilizing their brand recognition. Whether you use a joint email campaign, showcase an ad, or just mention someone’s name, let your audience know who you work with.

9. Reward your clientele.

Customers may be more amped to read about a new product or service if you break up your sales pitches and marketing efforts with a reward email. Many companies have loyalty programs, which entice people to sign up. Show them what they can get by utilizing your services.

10. Say thank you.

A simple thank you can go a long way. For instance, you can send a personalized email to a long-time customer, or thank partners who supported you while announcing a milestone. However you acknowledge your customers, it’s a good way to show you care.

The next time you set up an email campaign, try using some of these quick tips to improve your results.

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