Legacy processes involving paper forms and single channel communication are no longer acceptable in this digitally smart world. For medical device companies and care facilities, the customer experience must be improved in entirely new ways that ultimately help save more lives and improve care.

Medical Devices

Innovation supercharged.
Faster time-to-market

Medical device manufacturers face a myriad of challenges in today’s marketplace. Facing new technologies, lack of a single customer view, and byzantine regulations, companies need solutions that cut through the tape, improve efficiency, and improve product life-cycles. Connected products, mobile health apps, and game-changing technologies mean your business must be nimble to stay on top. Intelestream brings solutions that provide complete customer history, reduce paperwork, and reduce regulatory overhead. The outcome is that your business stays ahead and develops cutting-edge medical devices that are brought to market quickly.

Testing Laboratories

Faster results. Improved care

In the Internet age, patients expect near instant lab test results and providers expect their labs to return tests faster and offer an exceptional level of customer service. Your IT systems needs to better track customer relationships, eliminate paperwork, and deliver meaningful insight. Intelestream makes it easier for employees and contractors to manage their workflow, more accurately submit data, and ultimately improve workplace safety. As a result, your business reduces administrative costs and improves turnaround time on tests.

Care Facilities

A better customer experience

Patients expect rich user experiences and improved engagement with their providers. At the same time, care providers expect better integrated workflows with suppliers and partners. Your business requires solutions that better handle patient relationships and keep the focus away from record management. Your patients needs to be at the center of all interactions and decisions. Intelestream brings solutions that personalize communication, drive meaningful connections, and help to improve patient care and outcomes.

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