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Klipfolio™ Dashboard

Improve CRM adoption and visibility with Klipfolio Dashboard, a unique addition to your Open Source CRM application.

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Surface the data that matters on your desktop for continual real-time awareness.

Out of sight, out of mind

You know how fast you’re driving because the speedometer is always right in front of you. Like a dashboard, the Open Source CRM software captures all your important customer data in one place, but unlike your speedometer, your top priorities aren’t right in front of you. How much could you improve performance if your top priorities stayed visible without logging on or switching applications?

KlipFolio Dashboard brings your most valuable, actionable Open Source CRM data to the surface with a compact desktop widget. And as your priorities change, you can swap different measures in and out. Rather than you adjusting to your data, now your data adjusts to you.

Key Benefits

  • Save time. Spend less time digging for information and more time acting on it.
  • Gain awareness. Preempt problems and respond to new opportunities as updates appear in real time.
  • Act faster. Improve response time to your hottest prospects by receiving information quickly, without logging in or performing a search.
  • Secure value. Capture the full value of your company's Open Source CRM data by using it more often.
  • Sustain competitive advantage. Address your top priorities more often and more consistently to stay one step ahead of the market.

Key Features

  • Compatible. Works with hosted or in-house deployed versions of your Open Source CRM software.
  • Alerts. Receive desktop alerts for upcoming calls, meetings, untouched leads, and any other changes you choose.
  • Updates. See when new leads arrive, when they've been updated, when sales pipeline changes, and more.
  • Monitoring. Track changes to any data you specify, such as major customer support cases, win-loss reports, etc.
  • Search. Explore your entire database from the desktop.
  • Heads-up display. Keep your priority data visible regardless of what other applications are running.


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Klipfolio Skins

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Soft Plastic

Plum Overload

Bright White


Pool Blue

Neon Orange

Light Green

Light Blue

Hot / Cold

Soft Plastic

Grey Blue

Dark Grey

Cool White



Burnt Orange

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