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CRM users no longer get all the "good stuff". The developers at Intelestream, in cooperation with recruiting industry leaders, have collaborated to bring a much-needed candidate sourcing tool to the desktop of the corporate recruiter.

intelesourcing Benefits

Configured for a Sourcing Workflow

Candidate Sourcing is not sales. We get it. The system is designed to handle standard sourcing tasks with ease thereby empowering the research, sourcing, and recruiting function to do more with less.


Minimize Agency Fees

Agencies provide a valuable service. Often, they can seek and recruit high profile or hard to find candidates. Ask yourself, are we using agency resources properly? Are agencies getting fees for standard position types? Am I leveraging inbound resume flow effectively? Can we tap into current and growing sourcing trends that center on building a pipeline of passive candidates organically?

Sourcing as an Independent Work Process

Keeping the sourcing function as a separate work process and independent from candidate tracking can relieve some of the government mandated reporting requirements. It will also free up companies to maintain perpetual conversations with a pool of identified candidate.

General Benefits

Get Started Fast, Real Fast!

Why wait weeks or even months for your new sourcing solution? In cases with standard data migration and customization requirements, Intelestream can have a personalized web-based system up and running in a matter of days and sometimes hours! We have yet to find another service provider that can implement a solution as quickly and efficiently as we can.

Highest Quality Hosting Standards

For their unsurpassed speed, reliability, and sheer power, the commercial grade servers that host intelesourcing are the world’s most advanced. In addition to being super fast and dependable, our hosting solution protects all intelesourcing instances with cast-iron security. We eliminate the risk of data corruption found with other multi-tenant hosting services by quarantining each customer’s data. Not only will our other clients be kept apart from you, they won’t even know you’re there.

Need Custom Work, No problem!

Since the intelesourcing code base is completely controlled by Intelestream and is deployed as a multi-instance on demand solution, we can modify your scenario to perfectly match your business requirements.


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