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intelecrm enables cross-departmental teamwork so organizations can collaborate on CRM related activities. Projects can be implemented across all customer-related activities for all uses while sensitive data is protected. Users can share responsibilities related to activities and track the time it takes to accomplish tasks. Whether everyone is sitting together in a room, or spread across the globe, intelecrm Mobile Access keeps your team connected.
Explore what you can do using intelecrm:



Manage Projects
  • Integrate sales, marketing, and customer support management projects
  • Implement projects across all customer-related activities for all uses
  • Assign individual users and teams to specific projects
  • Monitor user performance and enhance workflows

Manage Projects Manage Projects
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Track Time
  • Accurately record start and end times according to task, user, client, and billing rates
  • Achieve enhanced visibility into the time users take to accomplish tasks
  • Time tracking metrics are accessible in the reporting module
  • Automatically generate receipts for billable work

Track Time Track Time
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Handle Interactions
  • Manage group schedules, meetings, and calls in a centralized place
  • Archive emails, notes, and tasks
  • Handle multiple types of activities including email, tasks, notes, attachments, calls and meetings.
  • Ensure everyone has access to the entire archive of interactions

Manage Interactions Manage Interactions
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Mobile Access
  • On the go connectivity to all intelecrm features and data
  • Compatible with any web-browsing device
  • Users stay up to date in real time

Mobile Access
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Check Email
  • Send and receive emails directly through intelecrm
  • Integrate other email clients including Microsoft Outlook.
  • Select recipients based on leads, contacts, and users
  • Attach documents located within intelecrm

Check Email Check Email
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