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Intelestream is proud to announce intelesocial, the all new Social CRM component for intelecrm 3.0. People have been asking us, “What can we do with intelesocial?" Well, it’s tough to answer that question, because the reality is, you can do just about anything in the social sphere with intelesocial.

Here’s a brief list of how intelesocial helps your organization take Social CRM to the next level:


Social CRM integrations


There are over 500 million Facebook users worldwide. That's nearly double the population of the United States. Chances are the majority of your contacts and leads are active on the world's largest social network. The value of tying Facebook with intelecrm speaks for itself.

  • Search, store, follow, and engage with Facebook users located in your CRM as Contacts and Leads
  • Access Facebook profiles for intelecrm Contacts and Leads with one click
  • Use intelecrm to post status updates directly to facebook


When it comes to business networking, Linkedin is essential. From our own experience, Intelestream's team recognizes that engaging with customers through Linkedin is a must today. That is why we have made it simple to create a two way conversation between the business networking site and intelecrm.

  • Search, store, follow, and engage with Linkedin users located in your CRM as Contacts and Leads
  • Access Linkedin profiles for intelecrm Contacts and Leads with one click
  • Use intelecrm to post status updates directly to Linkedin
  • Import Linkedin data directly to intelecrm for Contacts and Leads


Over the past couple of years, tweeting has been a worldwide hobby. Twitter activity today is not just limited to friends. As the concept of Social CRM becomes a reality, sophisticated companies are on top of both their own Twitter account and those of their customers.

  • Search, store, follow and engage with Twitter users located in your CRM as Contacts and Leads
  • Automatically view status updates on Contacts and Leads according to their tweets
  • Post status updates directly to Twitter within intelecrm was created for the sole purpose of making it as easy as possible to share your posts with the world. Now you don't have to fumble around multiple social networking sites anymore. Simply post to and update all of your accounts with a single click.

  • Post status updates directly to from within intelecrm
  • posts updates to virtually every social channel that exists

Social Mention is a social media search and analysis platform that aggregates user generated content from across the universe into a single stream of information.

  • What are people saying about your contacts and leads in the Socialsphere? Find out with a click, all within intelecrm
  • Search for Contacts and Leads on with one click
  • Easily view a contact or lead's Social Mention profile

FriendFeed is a service that makes it easy to share with friends online. It offers a fun and interactive way to discover and discuss information among friends.

  • Post status updates directly to from within intelecrm

ShareThis is a utility that makes it easy to share articles to social media websites. It features both a web widget for content producers like bloggers and a browser plugin for readers.

  • Post links directly to ShareThis via the status update area

Social Feeds

Social Feeds

What if work were as simple as social networking? With Social Feeds, it can be. Social Feeds allows CRM users to seamlessly collaborate with one another with a proven user friendly Social Networking interface located directly within intelecrm.

Here's how it works:

  • Just as you receive updates from your friends on a social networking channel, Social Feeds for intelecrm keeps you informed on work related issues
  • Stay in the loop: automatically receive relevant updates about deals, users, accounts, contacts, leads, and much more!
  • Save time by knowing exactly what is going on
  • Add links, documents, and other integrations to external systems including Facebook,, Twitter, Linkedin, and friend feed
  • View recent activity in a simple list

InsideView / intelecrm Sales Intelligence

Delivering the WHO, WHAT, and WHEN of sales – WHERE you need it most.

The key to the increasingly difficult art of sales is recognizing that it’s no longer just who you know that will make business deals happen but “what you know about who you know” tightly synced with “when and where you should know it”. You need to be able to combine the best enterprise information sources with the best insights from social relationships to identify the right opportunities at the right time and determine the right people. Available for all intelecrm users, InsideView for intelecrm™ enables you to truly embrace Sales 2.0.

The solution takes salespeople several steps beyond basic contact data such as email addresses, phone numbers, and titles. With the addition of media connections, blog references, and news updates, sales organizations can better identify and close new business. By implementing InsideView with intelecrm, customers benefit from increased CRM adoption, lead conversion and win rates. InsideView is easy to use and turns an intelecrm deployment into an immediately actionable application that salespeople love. Users save time and gain relevant, real-time insight to dramatically increase their chances of making meaningful connections and ultimately closing deals.

Here is what you can do with InsideView for intelecrm:

  • Build a list of new prospects (contacts and companies) that fit specific and highly sophisticated target criteria. Import the list into intelecrm with a click of a button
  • Learn more about a prospect and create a warm introduction. Stay in the loop: and automatically receive relevant updates about deals, users, accounts, contacts, leads, and much more.
  • Track companies of interest (customers, prospects, competitors) and receive alerts when compelling business events that could signal buying opportunities occur with Smart Agents™

To learn more about InsideView for intelecrm, see it for yourself in an intelecrm free trial.

For more in depth knowledge on social CRM, read Intelestream's whitepaper on the subject, The Power of Social CRM .

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