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Sales Force Automation

Fully automate the sales cycle process. Users can assign, track, and convert leads, initiate opportunities, create contacts and accounts, write quotes and send proposals. intelecrm takes care of everything a sales force team requires to work efficiently and close deals quickly.


Explore what you can do using intelecrm:

Manage Contacts
  • Organize contacts in a central location
  • Integrated with opportunities, accounts and customer support
  • Easy import/export options through CSV and other common formats
Manage Contacts Manage Contacts
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Manage Accounts
  • Organize accounts in a central location
  • Automatically associate accounts with contacts, products, location, status, and more...
  • Understand your complete client relationship through integration of accounts with opportunities, activities, history, cases and quotes
Manage Accounts Manage Accounts
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Manage Deal Flow
  • Enhance sales workflows and have full visibility into the progress of deals
  • Link opportunities with contacts and accounts
  • Customize opportunities to meet your company’s specific processes
Manage Deal Flow Manage Deal Flow
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Manage Sales Interactions
  • Schedule and document calls, notes, and emails
  • Review contact history
  • Set priority level, due dates, and team responsibilities
  • Manage reminders so users can meet their goals
Manage Sales Interactions Manage Sales Interactions
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Send Proposals and Quotes
  • All in one module for managing Proposals and Quotes
  • Generate accurate quotes and deliver them through email, HTML, or PDF
  • Multiple line items such as currencies and tax quotes are built in
  • Strict Version Control tracks change history
Send Proposals and Quotes Send Proposals and Quotes
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