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Reporting & Analytics

intelecrm delivers highly sophisticated reporting via the application’s multiple reporting tools. With cross-module reporting, intelecrm allows users to quickly design and display custom reports from any module in a variety of formats including line, bar, pie graphs, and many more. With over 70 visualization options, intelecrm is comparable to the most sophisticated reporting engines amongst other Enterprise CRM applications.
Explore what you can do using intelecrm:


Run Reports
  • Streamline customer support
  • Track history and schedule follow up on support cases
  • Make your customers happy by fully understanding and addressing their issues
  • Enhance support workflow by closely monitoring it’s effectiveness

Run Reports Run Reports
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View the Dashboard
  • Rich visualization engine with a selection of graphs and charts.
  • Functionality can be used to visualize key performance indicators in real time.
  • Sophisticated charting technology built in
View the Dashboard View the Dashboard
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Review Case Analytics
  • Measure areas requiring improvement
  • Identify new issues and prioritize the responses
  • Understand how well users are resolving cases
  • Resolve problematic support issues and improve resolution times

Review Case Analytics Review Case Analytics
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Explore Trends
  • Forecast future pipeline and sales numbers
  • Understand the bottom line effects of new processes and procedures
  • Prepare for business cycles
  • Track employee progress and recommend areas for improvement

Explore Trends Explore Trends
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Visualize your Data
  • View data in multiple formats
  • Develop 3D color-coded charts
  • Over 70 different visualization options
Visualize your Data Visualize your Data
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