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Marketing Automation

intelecrm provides marketing professionals with the sophisticated tools they need to run successful campaigns. Users can pinpoint demographics, find leads, communicate with contacts, and segment target groups. intelecrm bridges the traditional gap between sales and marketing by tying all data together under one environment.


Explore what you can do using intelecrm:

Manage Leads
  • Integrated with opportunities, accounts and customer support
  • Easy import/export options through CSV and other common formats
  • Automated Lead Population through Website Web-to-Lead Form
  • Lead Source tracking
  • Customize fields to add additional criteria
Manage Leads Manage Leads
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Manage Campaigns
  • Create, manage, and report on telesales, email, print, web, radio, television, and newsletter campaigns
  • Set and track budgets, goals, and revenue
  • Integrate leads, accounts, and contacts to create target lists
  • Create campaigns based on reporting metrics
Manage Campaigns Manage Campaigns
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Send E-mail Marketing
  • Send mass email marketing campaigns to leads and contacts directly within the intelecrm environment
  • Create target lists based on user-generated reports
  • Track and assign opportunities according to campaign status
  • Designate opt-in and opt-out lists
Send E-mail Marketing Send E-mail Marketing
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Measure Results
  • Generate reports that measure the success of marketing activities
  • Visualize metrics through intelligent graphing technology
  • Perfect future campaigns based on past results
Measure Results Measure Results
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