intelecrm is packed with a rich feature set designed to fully meet the CRM requirements of any small or medium sized business. The application features were developed by an Intelestream team of entrepreneurs who specialize in Customer Relationship Management and are passionate about making CRM work for all businesses. intelecrm follows proven business processes that deliver high yielding results.


Core CRM Concepts:




SalesForceAutomation_48 Sales Force Automation

Fully automate the sales cycle process. Users can assign, track, and convert leads, initiate opportunities, create contacts and accounts, write quotes and send proposals. intelecrm takes care of everything a sales force teams require to work efficiently and close deals quickly. Find out more


Key Features: Contact Management | Account Management

Opportunity Management | Activity Management | Proposal Management


MarketingAutomation_48 Marketing Automation

intelecrm provides marketing professionals with the sophisticated tools they need to run successful campaigns. Pinpoint demographics, find leads, communicate with contacts, and segment target groups. intelecrm bridges the traditional gap between sales and marketing by tying all data together under one environment. Find out more


Key Features: Lead Management | Campaign Management | Email Marketing Engine | Marketing Analytics


CustomerServiceAndSupport_48 Customer Service & Support

CRM is not just about Sales and Marketing, the concept also includes Customer Service and Support. Working within one system allows customer care teams to easily view a contact’s entire history within the organization. intelecrm provides the necessary means for Customer Service and Support to quickly address and resolve issues. The system follows a logical process that ensures your customer´s needs are satisfied. Find out more


Key Features: Case Management | Ticket Management | Bug Tracking | Portal Framework


OrderManagement_48 Order Management

By automating Order Management and interweaving the entire process with the rest of your CRM, your company is ready to scale. From the moment your sales team writes up a quote to when the product it is paid for delivered to the hands of your customer, intelecrm has you covered. By leveraging intelecrm for Order Management, you will increase revenue while cutting costs and enhancing operational efficiencies. Solid handling of orders – free of wrenches thrown into the gears – is the key to happy, returning customers. As you explore our order management features, you will discover that they were designed for growing small and medium sized organizations just like yours. Find out more


Key Features: Quotes | Sales Orders | Invoices | Payments | Shipments | Products | Quickbooks Integration | Smart Payment Gateway


ReportingAndAnalytics_48 Reporting & Analytics

intelecrm delivers highly sophisticated reporting via the application’s multiple reporting tools. With cross-module reporting, intelecrm allows users to quickly design and display custom reports from any module in a variety of formats including line, bar, pie graphs, and many more. With over 70 visualization options, intelecrm is comparable to the most sophisticated reporting engines amongst other Enterprise CRM applications. Find out more


Key Features: Reporting | Dashboard | Case Analytics | Business Intelligence | Data Visualization


TeamWork_48 Teamwork

intelecrm enables cross-departmental teamwork so organizations can collaborate on CRM related activities. Projects can be implemented across all customer-related activities for all uses while sensitive data is protected. Users can share responsibilities related to activities and track the time it takes to accomplish tasks. Whether everyone is sitting together in a room, or spread across the globe, intelecrm Mobile Access keeps your team connected. Find out more


Key Features: Project Management | Time Management | Activity Management | Mobile Access | Email Client


CoreFunctionality_48 Core Functionality

The intelecrm platform is powerful, fast, and easy to use. A customizable dashlet driven homepage serves as the user’s main interface. Workflow can be customized and automated. The entire user experience can be customized on an individual basis in order to meet specific use-case scenarios. Find out more


Key Features: Workflow Engine | Access Management | Security Management | Customization | User Personalization | Intuitive Interface | Intuitive Search


APIAndAddOns_48 API and Add-ons

Integrate intelecrm with other business applications through our add-ons and Application Programming Interface. Riva Integration Server delivers transparent, server-side integration of intelecrm opportunities, cases, quotes, accounts, contacts, leads, tasks and appointments with all Exchange and GroupWise clients - Outlook, Outlook Web Access, Microsoft Entourage for Mac, ActiveSync mobile devices, BlackBerry, IMAP and GroupWise. Tie intelecrm with the entire Microsoft Office Suite. Find out more


Key Features: Quickbooks Integration | Microsoft Exchange Integration by Riva| Microsoft Office (including Outlook) Integration | intelecrm API


superfast_48 SuperFast

SuperFast Screen™ saves time and clicks by enabling intelecrm users to work with multiple system records from within the same screen. It is designed to work the way human beings think. And it is one more example of how intelecrm distinguishes itself among competing CRM solutions. Find out more

Key Features: Easy Access | Add dashlets | Personalize module positions | Enter multiple records | Manage template configurations | Configure template settings | Edit dashlet data | Switch to full screen | Extra time


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