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Network Data Centers

The specifics of the data centers where your application is housed are very important. Intelestream employs the highest standards in the industry.


The data centers used by Intelestream feature state-of-the-art multi-phase power redundancy, industrial-quality cooling, sate-of-the-art security, fire suppression and power generation systems. They are located in the richest traffic distribution points in the United States.

  • Closed, private data center facilities
  • Extensive data center security features
  • Backups for Hosting*
  • Fault-tolerant power redundancy
  • Powerful industrial class generators
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Liebert temperature-controlled server environment
  • N+1 and redundant AC/DC UPS Power
  • Ample cooling capacity
  • Technical staff on premises

The network core is powered by multiple Cisco Catalyst 6500 multilayer switches with top-of-the-line Supervisor 720-3BXL cards, capable traffic rates as high as 720 Gigabits per second. This is augmented by a Juniper routing system where appropriate.

We employ top-notch network architects who have designed our network from the ground up to resist failure while giving us the flexibility to easily scale as our customers needs increase.

Rest assured that your data is secure with Intelestream.

*Intelestream backs up your data nightly and three times per week offsite.


Intelestream Inc - Phone: (800) 391.4055 - Fax: (312) 244.3765 - Address: 27 North Wacker Drive Suite 370 Chicago IL 60606
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