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Scope Management

Scope creep, requirement creep, or feature creep can hijack a project and put it in jeopardy in terms of deliverables and budget. This rarely happens because business requirements suddenly change. More often, it is because requirements were not properly gathered up front. Other reasons scope creep happens are:


  • Lack of or poor change control
  • Improper / incomplete initial scope definition
  • Weak or no project management
  • Non-participatory or no executive sponsor
  • Poor communication between parties

Scope creep almost always causes cost and time overruns. This can put a strain on the relationship between the professional services consultant and the client. It is always best to review scope management policies prior to beginning any project.

Well, that was negative. However, it is important to point this out because scope creep is a common occurrence and we do not want your project to go sideways.

The last section in our methodology discusses typical project roles and responsibilities. Read More


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