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Social CRM for Small Businesses
Understanding and Harnessing the Power of Social CRM


A Whitepaper for Small Businesses

You understand the value of Social Networking. You understand the Value of CRM. But do you understand how to grow your business by making these two concepts work together?

Read Intelestream’s Whitepaper to Discover the Power of Social CRM

Executive Summary

In today's harsh economical uncertainties, sales are down, consumers are spending less, and marketing budgets are getting slashed. More and more, businesses are looking for new, affordable, and alternative tactics to capture more market share. Those ahead of the game are fine-tuning their internal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) processes and enhancing overall sales and customer service. Those even further ahead of the rest are tapping into the advantages of social CRM (sCRM). In order for companies to remain competitive in today's marketplace, companies must adapt to social media and sCRMs. Social media opens the door to intimate information about customers, including attitudes, perception, and behaviors about brands, companies and trends, and so much more.

Chicago-based Intelestream, a CRM solutions company, is paving the way for customers to understand, harness and adopt social media within their CRM applications. They're also assisting businesses sift through the hype surrounding social networks to obtain the necessary ingredients to more efficiently reach and satisfy customers. Finally, Intelestream has addressed the drastically changing world of CRM by integrating Social components to intelecrm™, the online CRM for small and medium sized businesses developed by Intelestream.


Buzz surrounding social Customer Relationship Management (sCRM) is exploding exponentially; and the ability to keep up with this new technology may determine a company's chances of survival. If you're not entirely sure of what is sCRM or you're simply exploring CRM solutions, you are among the masses. Today's ever-expanding social networking world is leaving many businesses in the dust and making corporate decision-makers scratch their heads about what to do.

Social networking opportunities are growing at such an alarming speed that many businesses are faltering under the pressures to keep up. Trying to navigate unprepared through social networking sites can be like walking through a minefield. With both the potential to reward and devastate a company's brand and reputation, properly understanding and harnessing sCRM will determine whether a business remains competitive (or obsolete).

This whitepaper provides a blueprint to understanding and harnessing the power of sCRM. It will cover traditional CRMs; social networking sites and opportunities; the differences between CRMs and sCRM; and what organizations should consider, prepare for, and buy in order to maintain a competitive edge in the market place. The whitepaper will also delve into one company's solution and expansion plan: Intelestream's social CRM applications.


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