HubSpot for Sugar® Integration

If two minds are better than one, then connecting two powerful and innovative software programs is ingenious. Now you can keep Sugar’s adaptability, and pair it with the bona fide benefits of HubSpot, which is the leading developer of inbound marketing and sales software in the world. The HubSpot for Sugar integration creates a bidirectional sync that offers the flexibility to produce and analyze your most dynamic campaigns and keep your records clean and up-to-date.

Features & Benefits

  • Syncing Options: Do you want to integrate HubSpot data into Sugar, or Sugar data into HubSpot? Or do you want a bidirectional integration? All three options are available.
  • View Reports: Easily pull activity reports, including Sugar data within HubSpot.
  • Check on Marketing Activity in Sugar: Need to see which types of marketing initiatives are resonating with a specific customer? No problem. Check out the HubSpot Dashlet in the customer’s account record.
  • Designed for Sugar®: HubSpot for Sugar® was built to take full advantage of the software’s latest updates.
  • Support You Can Count On: Designed and maintained by Intelestream, HubSpot for Sugar® is backed by one of the best support teams in the SugarCRM community.


Download and read more about HubSpot for Sugar® solution in our data sheet.


HubSpot for Sugar

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