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Lead Generation Services

Tired of renting lists? Tired of bounce ratios of 40% or greater? Appalled that leads are so expensive? Try Intelestream Lead Generation Services. We use next generation lead acquisition techniques to get you the best possible leads available. We can help you grow your database monthly without breaking your bank account! Just tell us your search criteria and we will get to work. This subscription service is a total “lights out” operation for you. Once a month we deliver the new leads directly into your CRM system. It is that simple. No more list rentals. These leads are 100% yours, for unlimited use.



  • Lead Acquisition
  • Up to three (3) custom search algorithms
  • Monthly algorithm refinement
  • Automated load into CRM (if Intelestream supported product)
  • Monthly exports (if not Intelestream Supported product)


  • Eliminate or drastically reduce purchasing or renting lead lists
  • Improved quality of leads and reduced bounce rates
  • Keep target database constantly growing to ensure company lead flow

Intelestream Inc - Phone: (800) 391.4055 - Fax: (312) 244.3765 - Address: 27 North Wacker Drive Suite 370 Chicago IL 60606
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