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"We had several problematic CRM projects in the past so we had our concerns going into this one. Intelestream had a thorough understanding of what we needed from the system and delivered as promised. Since deployment, the system has generated revenue and will continue to be at the core of our business."

– Rick Williams, President
  • Simplify the management of leads, prospects, and customers.
  • Drive revenue via email marketing and centralize campaign and CRM functions into a single system.
  • Ensure better management and tracking of employee activities.
  • Allow for reporting on specified data points in order to make better business decisions.
  • The Manus Group had utilized a number of CRM systems before partnering with Intelestream. As a result, data was located in multiple databases which caused considerable issues when it came to searching and extracting information. Each database contained numerous duplicate records, the data itself was not reliable, and users were so unsure of data accuracy that they basically stopped using the system
  • Intelestream was engaged because The Manus Group was having difficulties transitioning data from ACT! to the SugarCRM Community EditionTM application. Other issues surfaced around new CRM's lack of reporting and workflow capabilities.
  • The Manus Group used a separate system for email marketing and had no visibility or integration between their current email campaigns and CRM system. This caused double entry of data and did not produce the proper analytics needed to gauge a successful campaign.
  • There was little reporting due to the disparate databases, which caused The Manus Group to speculate on opportunity management, forecasting, and customer penetration.
UPDATE May 2010 - The Manus Group switches to intelecrm
  • The Manus Group required additional service and support to their CRM deployment.
  • Using the older Sugar™ 4.5 platform, The Manus Group needed to upgrade in order to maintain the integrity of the system and ensure long-term viability.
  • Costs to upgrade to Sugar 5.x application and intelecrm were comparable, so The Manus Group decided to go with intelecrm because of their long standing relationship with Intelestream and comfort level for ongoing support and consultation.
  • Intelestream transitioned The Manus Group from the Community Edition to the Professional Edition and assisted in the data cleansing process to remove duplicates and solidify the core data set.
  • Intelestream customized the CRM to completely automate The Manus Group's lead flow and generation processes, saving their sales team both time and money.
  • After development, the CRM was configured and customized, bringing all sales and marketing teams together into one centralized system, readily available via Intelestream CRM Hosting.
  • Intelestream provided admin and end user training in order to ensure CRM best practices. In addition, Intelestream administered email campaign training and assisted The Manus Group with their initial email marketing initiatives.
  • With an aggressive timeline, the CRM system was up and running in 30 days, with all users fully trained
  • Email marketing campaigns are fully exec uted within the CRM system as well as tracked and monitored for click-through rates to determine campaign effectiveness.
  • The Manus Group needed to minimize the costs of implementing a whole new system, especially in the area of licenses and services, and after partnering with Intelestream, the final system was delivered within the specified timeline and under budget.
  • By allowing Intelestream to drive all development processes, The Manus Group has drastically cut costs as a result of better organizational and defined business processes.
  • A customized CRM instance has allowed The Manus Group to use their CRM as a centralized hub of all customer information and interactions.
  • Intelestream conducted thorough email marketing training and provided managed assistance for the first few campaigns. Within 6 weeks of consistent email campaigns, The Manus Group produced over $45,000 in net new revenue as a direct result of the revamped email marketing strategy.

The Manus Group is a national leader renowned for its unparalleled proficiency in the many specialized areas of self development. Backed by more than six decades of industry knowledge, they offer proven training programs that not only inspire top-performing employees, but also bring effective organizational change. They focus on one vital principle: to create such captivating, world-class experiences that people are inspired to achieve benchmark levels of success.


Led by President Rick Williams, The Manus Group is a premier provider of strategic Sales Training, Corporate Leadership Development, Tools, Assessments and much more. Their dedicated senior-level professionals bring to clients an abundance of powerful disciplines as they assist organizations of all sizes and industries with achieving and exceeding their business goals. Their diverse client portfolio includes an impressive list of Fortune 500, private mega-groups as well as small- to medium-sized companies.

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