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"There were a number of issues we had to overcome in order to get our processes mapped to the SugarCRM™ application. Since we were not using a traditional CRM workflow, Intelestream helped us get where we needed to be. They helped us utilize our Sugar application as a base platform to handle our benefits management. We did a good deal of development and customization and Intelestream exceeded our expectations to the overall functionality we required.”
– Employee Benefits Plan Manager
  • Create a system that would easily manage the benefits of over 14,000 employees
  • Reduce the amount of time needed to enter and retrieve benefits information
  • Simplify the current processes and reduce the number of databases
  • Increase the amount of functionality around task management and email marketing
  • Ensure that the large amount of sensitive customer data was handled according to the highest standard of best practice CRM utilization
  • NYEBP was spending a significant amount of valuable time maintaining their system, dealing with technology problems, and training new employees to use an overly complicated CRM
  • Major problems included the following:
    • Searching for data was tedious and inefficient in the old system, which consisted of three separate databases
    • Irrelevant information cluttered data fields and forms
    • Task assignment functionality was severely limited
    • Mass emailing lists were manually generated, taking a tremendous amount of time and effort
  • In order to find an effective solution to challenges surrounding their CRM technology, the group contacted Intelestream, Inc., a Chicago based CRM consulting group
  • Intelestream worked with NYEBP to achieve an understanding of the organization’s needs. Consultants determined the best approach to address the specified problems and deployed a customized CRM application complete with training and administrative support. NYEBP’s new CRM instance was tailored to the unique needs of the organization
  • Intelestream’s customizations allowed the NYEBP's CRM instance to accomplish the following essential functions that are not included in the application’s default settings:
    • Global searching that allows users to find text embedded in descriptions, fields, notes, etc.
    • Customized dropdowns that display only information relevant to the specific task at hand
    • Activity and history flagging, including an ‘urgent’ field to help visually denote important activities
    • A sophisticated tasks module that includes a user task re-assignment relationship, allowing user notification when a task is reassigned
    • Integrated mass emailing with reports, allowing users to generate automatic recipient lists based on reporting results
    • A show/hide button that displays information accessed most often by utilizing customized split visible fields on certain pages
    • Products are organized according to a split layout format, which displays only the fields relevant to the product type
    • Customized email templates according to information pertaining to specific products
  • While working with NYEBP, Intelestream was asked to develop a Google Maps™ plug-in for their instance. The plug-in is revolutionary in that it offers a level of mapping integration with the SugarCRM™ application that has never been accomplished before. Some of its features include the following:
    • Mapping module built into the CRM that allows users to conveniently view accounts on a map according to zip code, radius search, and reporting results
    • Users can generate reports that display maps containing different icons and color codes based on various account criteria including revenue, the type of products being used, and whether the account is an existing customer or a prospect
  • Specific business value derived from NYEBP’s CRM system include the following:
    • Three databases merged into one
    • Key information from eligibility and financial systems were integrated, giving the group a more accurate, consolidated view of critical data
    • Integration with the centralized YMCA of the USA database provides seamless updates of contacts and accounts
    • The organization has the tools to manage an increased number of cases and daily tasks faster, more efficiently, and without the need to hire additional staff
  • In only two and a half months, NYEBP was able to go live with their fully customized CRM instance. The new system is seamlessly integrated with their existing business process and the organization is now able to run more efficiently than ever
  • The new customized CRM instance deployed by Intelestream provides the organization with much needed flexibility and functionality that was previously lacking in the old system
ORGANIZATIONAL BACKGROUND The National YMCA Employee Benefits Plan (NYEBP), located at the YMCA national headquarters in Chicago, is responsible for managing the benefit plans of approximately 14,000 people across the United States.
SugarCRM is a trademark of SugarCRM Inc. in the United States, the European Union and other countries. Intelestream and its products and services are not affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by SugarCRM, Inc.

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