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"The CRM project was very data intensive and we needed a platform that could scale and give us robust reporting capabilities. With the number of users and overall data set size, intelecrm was a perfect fit. We have deployed nationwide and look to implement the system globally.”
-Tim Wiley, GM/VP
  • Integrate CRM data from multiple regional systems into one centralized database
  • Remotely manage the entire national sales force
  • Develop universal sales strategies across the whole company
  • Introduce transparent data sharing company wide
  • PRG, a provider of entertainment technology solutions, needed to forecast and track sales opportunities company wide. The lack of a centralized system resulted in information silos, an inability to effectively see the ‘big picture’, and difficulties generating universal sales reports.
  • Starting with a Business Process Workshop, Intelestream outlined the requirements and determined the core business objectives that needed to be accomplished in Phase 1.
  • The company contacted Intelestream for a CRM solution that could integrate sales data coming from multiple Oracle database systems.
  • Intelestream implemented a single on-demand instance of intelecrm™ for the company’s entire nationwide sales force. The application’s only requirement is that users have an internet connection and a web browser. It can be accessed anywhere in the world and no software is necessary.
  • Intelestream implemented a system that processes and integrates nightly batch updates from the oracle database located in each regional office into the central intelecrm instance. New data points related to existing records are matched and new records are automatically created in the centralized intelecrm application.
  • Intelestream provided the ability to manually merge new data when spelling issues and other errors prevented automatic data migration.
  • Intelestream provided user training and continues to support the system.
  • Intelestream’s integrated system brought the company’s sales data together, allowing managers to make informed strategic decisions across the whole company.
  • Using Intelestream’s iReports functionality, management now has a clearer view of the company's overall pipeline and can more easily identify opportunities, which has directly resulted in increased revenue for PRG.
ORGANIZATIONAL BACKGROUND Production Resource Group, L.L.C. (PRG) is a supplier of entertainment technology solutions, including video, lighting, audio, scenery, and automation systems. PRG serves a wide range of markets, including theatre, concert tours, trade shows, corporate and special events, television and film, and themed environments. PRG provides its services worldwide through more than 19 offices in North America, Europe and Asia.

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