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"Making the transition to intelecrm was a major initiative and we had a tight timeline to get everything moved over. Working with Intelestream made the project palatable and I’m not certain how we could have done it without them. They continue to be a strategic partner for us."
– Director of Operations
  • Enhance CRM capabilities based on their use case.
  • Ensure a successful data migration and customize the CRM software to meet primary requirements.
  • Reduce CRM costs while further customizing the application to better fit business processes.
  • Existing CRM infrastructure was not providing the required functionality to handle their high volume sales force automation activities.
  • Costs for licenses were increasing while functionality remained stagnant.
  • Existing CRM was inflexible and not customizable enough to keep up with company's growth.
  • Connexus switched from to the SugarCRM™ Enterprise system in 2007, later migrating to intelecrm in 2009
  • Intelestream migrated module data from that included approximately 20,000 Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Activities, Notes, Historical Meetings, Calls, and Tasks, Campaigns, Product Catalog Data, and Users.
  • In order to ensure a smooth transition to their new CRM, Connexus asked Intelestream to conduct thorough training with their users to ensure user adoption and project success. The result was a team of CRM users at Connexus who adapted well to the application and are fully ramped and comfortable with the transition from their previous system.
  • Intelestream completed the entire implementation on schedule and according to the project plan. Connexus continues to work closely with Intelestream and has subscribed to an ongoing premier support and administration plan.
UPDATE November 2009 - Connexus switches to intelecrm
  • With over 75 users, renewal fees were costly and Connexus was looking to reduce expenses during a down economy.
  • Transitioning to intelecrm Enterprise increased the functionality and saved $40,000+ per year on subscription fees.
  • Reduced licensing fees along with fractional implementation costs over, produced an ROI of 6 months.
  • The customized application allowed Connexus to automate marketing campaigns and manage daily tasks without on boarding new personnel. The result was an increase in lead generation and shorter sales cycles.
  • Development around lead demographics produced better prospect targeting for their display advertising and co-registration solutions.
ORGANIZATIONAL BACKGROUND Connexus is the premier online, performance-driven marketing platform, offering a diversified, multi-channel approach to connect advertisers with their target customers. The company features a multi-channel network with extensive reach that delivers over 30 billion impressions monthly and 20 million leads and customers annually.
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