Our People

Intelestream's team represents nearly a century of combined experience related to CRM Consulting and Development. We have worked on hundreds of CRM implementations and have perfected the process the old-fashioned way - through experience.

Our Approach

Our time tested approach to CRM consulting puts you and your organization at the center of everything. Before we do anything at all, we take the time to fully understand our customers and their requirements. Without losing this important human element, we next map out a solution that combines CRM technology with your unique way of doing business. To learn more specifics about how we iron out the process, visit our methodology page

Products we Support

Intelestream believes that CRM technology should work to enhance your proven business processes. We do not believe in a one-size-fits all approach to CRM. We understand that your company is in no way identical to any other – that’s what makes you stand out and remain competitive. For this reason, we have chosen to work exclusively with CRM applications that are flexible and fully customizable to meet your specific needs.


We remain focused on three proven platforms:

Our intelecrm application, the info@hand application, and the SugarCRM™ application.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software at a high level is a database driven application that helps users manage human relationships. From a commercial standpoint, customers interact with a given company across many channels. They may receive marketing communications, initiate a sales call, or even call or log a service request. CRM gives data to company employees across all communication channels allowing them to denote their respective company in a single, informed entity. In essence, CRM is a collection of business processes, software tools, and strategies all surrounding interactions with customers.


Intelestream CRM Related Service Areas

We follow our methodology on all projects. Building your CRM system is no different! Notably, we do add a few things such as our Process Optimization services and Hosting Services. CRM is one of the most customized enterprise applications on the planet. Complex integrations to web sites, e-commerce engines, order management systems, finance back ends, data warehouses, and much more are common requirements. Further, industries sell differently from sector to sector and companies sell differently even in the same industry. Wow, That is a ton of stuff. Not to worry. CRM has gotten quite sophisticated over the past few years and we can help!

Process Optimization:
Take your sales process to the next level by engaging Intelestream Business Consulting to review and refine your sales processes.

Discovery and Definition for CRM:
Document key business processes, also known as primary use cases, or user stories, and conduct a solution "fit" analysis.

System Design for CRM:
Transform requirements and map them to a thoughtful System Design.

CRM System Implementation, Configuration, Development:
Get to work making it all happen.

Training and Documentation:
Educate users on how to fully take advantage of the shiny new system.

Know who to call when there are problems.

Hosting Services for CRM:
Outsource the headache of servers, firewalls, back-ups, performance tuning, and the like to professionals who do this every single day

Managed Services:
Outsource the entire care and feeding of the application to Intelestream.

Supported CRM Platforms:
intelecrm, info@hand™, SugarCRM™

SugarCRM is a trademark of SugarCRM Inc. in the United States, the European Union and other countries. Intelestream and its products and services are not affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by SugarCRM, Inc.

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