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Open Source CRM Extended Support Standard provided by Intelestream

open_source_icon_1Intelestream Extended Support Standard is our basic administration package. This package is well suited for companies that have a current CRM system administrator who handles basic tasks, but wish to add an additional level of administrative support to ensure optimal system performance. The package Includes:


Monthly Automated Services

Service Description
System scan High level diagnostic on general health of the system
Module-by-module diagnostic Perform a series of diagnostic tests on each CRM module
Database query test Detect if query tuning is needed and determine general database health
E-mail settings diagnostic Ensure e-mails for users, campaigns, and administration are properly configured
Security sweep Ensure security settings are optimized for users, teams, and roles. Match company business logic
Monthly Reporting Send customer a series of reports at the end of each month
E-mail alerts (activities and leads) E-mail overdue activities and leads monthly
Usage report Execute a usage report detailing a number of key indicators

Monthly Ad Hoc Services (up to one hour monthly)

These services can be consumed as needed. Hours are calculated at quarter hour intervals. The following service categories are available to Extended Support customers:

Service Description
Workflows Create, modify, remove
Custom Reports Create, modify, remove
User Management Add, de-activate
Teams Create, modify, remove
Roles Create, modify, remove
Product Catalog Create, modify, remove
Install custom themes Install, test, remove
E-mail campaigns Create, test, execute


Service levels only cover CRM Studio customizations. The standard package includes one (1) hour of Ad Hoc Professional Services. Additional services are available at normal Intelestream Professional Services rates.

Pricing Extended Support Standard: $225 USD per month


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