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Open Source CRM Extended Support Ad Hoc

open_source_icon_1Intelestream Extended Support Ad Hoc Services are a listing of flexible services that clients can use as needed. Hours do not accrue from month to month. Intelestream is dedicated to driving maximum value to our Clients. When extra hours are available, clients can choose from any of the following service offerings:


CRM Diagnostic (Cost: 2 Ad Hoc Hours)

  • Assess database instance and identify tuning enhancements
  • Determine custom field usage based on industry best practices
  • Review admin settings
  • Assess configuration file(s)
  • Review permission levels on application directory
  • Identify general user usage
  • Activate/de-activate users

Latest Release Notification (Cost: 2 Ad Hoc Hours)

  • Present gap analysis on latest CRM release vs. production release and make recommendations
  • Recommend open source and commercial plug-ins that will enhance the CRM use case

Voice of the Customer (Cost: 4 Ad Hoc Hours)

  • Perform 360 degree review (users, admins, managers, executives) and gather feedback and wish list items
  • Prepare and present findings and recommendations for improvements

Usage Assessment (Cost: 4 Ad Hoc Hours)

  • System usage walkthrough and business process mapping
  • Determine key manual processes and possible automation
  • Current usage assessment
  • Usage recommendation

Data Purification Program (Cost: 4 Ad Hoc Hours)

  • Current system data assessment
  • Identify possible duplicates
  • Advise best practices for data entry
  • Advise best practices for high volume data imports
  • Make cleansing recommendations

Report Maximizer (Cost: 4 Ad Hoc Hours)

  • Review all current reports and supporting visualizations
  • Assess reporting needs
  • Recommend strategy for optimizing current reports
  • Identify additional reporting requirements

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