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Open Source Experts

Intelestream understands Open Source Applications. We can help you navigate the growing variety of offerings and zero in on a solution that best fits your needs.

Quality Service

Everyone appreciates a good deal. Open source has that in its DNA, Intelestream helps you get the value out of your open source investment and maximize your return to stakeholders.

Specialist Software Boutique

We are hanging on to our boutique-ish high quality but not necessarily high cost roots despite our rapid growth. Our focus remains our customers.
About Us
Intelestream delivers quality and timely work. In addition to that, their consultants understand my business and can advise me on proper process changes, workflow adjustments, and demonstrate how the technology will support the new best practice.

- Lea Moeller, Wentworth Property Management

Intelestream Inc. based in Chicago, IL., is a professional services and product development firm specializing in Open Source Enterprise Applications. From front office systems like customer relationship management (CRM) to back office systems such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and human resource management (HR), Intelestream has you covered.

The Company delivers solutions to clients seeking to optimize their business processes while maximizing the return on investment through the use of Open Source. Intelestream has a passion for helping clients to utilize the incredible power of Open Source to address the automation of company operations at a fraction of the cost that traditional vendors charge.

Intelestream’s development team also builds custom enterprise solutions for organizations of all sizes. Have a very specific requirement? Intelestream can help you modify an existing application or build one from scratch. You are only limited by your imagination.

The company’s team of consultants deliver an unparalleled quality of service and support. As a services firm, we know that our reputation is tantamount to our continued success. Intelestream’s leaders previously held executive positions at Fortune 500 companies, founded successful technology firms as entrepreneurs, and have expertise developing strategic customer focused business processes. If your company is evaluating a new enterprise application, looking to replace an expensive legacy system with a more affordable enhanced solution, or considering developing a new web based internal application, contact Intelestream.


Key Metrics

Founded 2006Founded in 2006 with the belief that open source enterprise applications will continue to mature and gain market share vs. similar proprietary software offerings.
EmployeesCompany has employees in North America, Latin America, and EMEA.
PartnersKey partnerships with: The LongReach Corporation, Compiere, Talend, Jaspersoft, Interespire, and a host of others.
MissionTo be the number one professional services firm in the world focusing on open source enterprise applications.
For more information please contact Intelestream at (800) 391-4055.

Intelestream Inc - Phone: (800) 391.4055 - Fax: (312) 244.3765 - Address: 27 North Wacker Drive Suite 370 Chicago IL 60606
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