Top 10 Reasons You Need CRM Software

Streamline processes with CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a vital tool for any business. Even the most successful companies have room for improvement, whether that is creating best practices, having better resources for…

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CRM: The Go-To Guy

CRM connectivity

Many offices have a go-to guy that everyone asks for help. Whether it’s learning where to get more staples, how to fix the printer when it malfunctions or for the…

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Splash: Bringing the Benefits of Gamification to SugarCRM


Humans love games. We challenge each other in countless sports, match wits in card and board games, and entertain ourselves with an endless variety of video games. From childhood to…

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The Gamified Workplace: How Friendly Competition and Small Incentives Can Bring Out the Best in Your Employees

gamified workplace

One of the biggest hurdles to CRM implementation is simply getting people to use the new system. How many lost sales exist because the right data for closing never made…

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CRM: Beyond Customer Relationship Management

customer relationship management

It’s common knowledge that CRM is a neat little acronym standing for Customer Relationship Management. But what does this really mean? And do the capabilities of a CRM solution move…

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