The Gamified Workplace: How Friendly Competition and Small Incentives Can Bring Out the Best in Your Employees

One of the biggest hurdles to CRM implementation is simply getting people to use the new system. How many sales have been lost because the right data for closing the…

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CRM: Beyond Customer Relationship Management

It’s commonly known that CRM is a neat little acronym standing for Customer Relationship Management. But what does this really mean? And do the capabilities of a CRM solution move…

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CRM Reporting: Helping you to get the most out of sales meetings

CRM reporting is an incredibly powerful way of arming decision makers with the sort of insights that enable them to make important calls about their business. But there are many…

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Intelestream Announces New Partnership With Tenfold

Intelestream, a leading product development and consulting firm that offers solutions related to business processes and CRM technology, today announced a new partnership with Tenfold, the leading phone intelligence platform…

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CRM Reporting: helping you to be productive rather than busy

Smart reporting in your CRM gives real insights into the effectiveness of your internal processes, making it easy to see the relationship between your efforts and their results. Traditional reporting…

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