BLOG SERIES: Part 3: CRM solutions for IT managers

CRM solutions for IT managers

This three-part blog series is brought to you by Riva and Intelestream. Intelestream and Riva are both proud sponsors of SugarCon 2017, Sept. 25-28 in San Francisco. There is still time to register. We hope to see you there! 

Become an IT superhero

The art of balancing the technology capabilities your customer-facing teams need to grow the business while ensuring security and compliance can be challenging. With the right solutions in your toolbox, however, you can be an IT superhero for your organization.

In particular, regulatory compliance can be a challenge for large enterprise customers in financial services and health care. Choosing the right CRM, cloud storage, and integration platform can help mitigate security risks and compliance requirements.

Managing the deluge of data

The growth of data is staggering. AnalyticsWeek reports that data is growing faster than ever before and that by 2020, the equivalent of 1.7 MB of new data will be created every second by every human being on the planet. The question becomes: Where do you store this data? And how do you access it easily without creating security risks and violating compliance rules?

One example of this is CRM and email data archiving. Companies large and small rely on external cloud storage solutions to archive CRM data, email, and email attachments. Storing these attachments can present a security risk if not done properly. Many of the solutions that offer this technology lack the flexibility and advanced options required to create a seamless and secure link between the CRM and external storage system.

That’s where Riva and Intelestream come in. Riva and Intelestream help you get the most from your CRM system by ensuring it meeting the needs of your staff and customers while also meeting your compliance and security requirements.

Riva – the “last mile” in secure CRM and email integration

You may be familiar with Riva’s reputation for providing always-on, transparent and reliable synchronization between CRM and email systems. Since 2008, Riva has been a leader in CRM and email integration. Riva integrates a dozen of the world’s best CRM systems – Sugar, Salesforce, Dynamics 365, and others – with the five leading email collaboration systems.

We’re often thought of as the “last mile” in CRM and email integration. When the free plug-ins or other third-party sync solutions fall short of customers’ expectations, there’s Riva. Riva delivers advanced integration capabilities and the security, performance, and flexibility that CRM customers and partners expect.

How do we do it? In the example of email archiving, Riva increases security by storing attachments separately from conversations.

By default, when Riva syncs an email to CRM, the attachments are stored directly with the email that is synchronized to CRM. Hence, this solution works for many companies. To meet strict compliance regulations, some organizations require a different approach. Riva can separate the attachment from the email and store the attachments in an external cloud storage system. Or Riva can be configured to not sync attachments that have a certain file extension or that are over a particular file size.


Many CRMs are cloud-based and some companies are hesitant to store sensitive attachments in the cloud. This configuration eliminates any risk of having sensitive information in the cloud while having full access to emails and linking the related attachments from the emails in CRM to a secure storage location of the company’s choice.

Riva supports mobile encryption and security solutions provided by CipherCloud, Good Technology, Skyhigh, and others.

Riva provides flexibility for enterprise customers with attachment storage compliance requirements by allowing email attachments to be related to CRM objects and stored in leading cloud and on-premise storage solutions including:

  • Microsoft Azure Storage
  • Amazon S3
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Dropbox
  • Microsoft SharePoint Documents
  • Box

(Read this related article on email archiving with Riva.)

Intelestream benefits for IT professionals

CRM software is customizable. Thus, companies do not need a base model. Instead, they can instead opt to find the system and integrations that works best for specific goals.

Intelestream builds integrations and plugins from Splash, a gamification integration to help you improve user adoption, to Google Sheets Business Intelligence (GSBI) plugin, so you can move past slicing and dicing data manually.

CRMs move far beyond customer relationship management; they are tools that can manage an impressive range of activities for organizations spanning across different verticals and industries.

IT managers, marketing teams, sales staff, and other CRM users may have inter-departmental disputes about where leads live. They may disagree when to qualify a person or which module (lead or contact) they belong in. It is not always clear where to draw this line between the modules in your sales pipeline, but there are pointers to check out.

Whether it’s about connecting one program to another –like Intelestream’s RingCentral for SugarCRM integration – or to streamline a process (like its Dashboard Deployer), Intelestream works with customers to build capability to help clients achieve their goals. Dashboard Deployer is useful for IT professionals because you can easily create custom dashboard and seamlessly share them with individual users, teams, and user groups.

Above all, smart reporting in your CRM gives real insights into the effectiveness of your internal processes. It makes it easy to see the relationship between your efforts and their results.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this three-part blog series on CRM solutions for sales managers, sales representatives, and IT managers.

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